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Pampering with Oriflame Swedish SPA


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  When you have enough of everything, when you are tired and you are not in the modd and when you need time for yourself, the best ‘therapy’ is the one in the bathroom. When you tell everyone you won’t be here for an hour, you pour yourself a hot bath and… …

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2018 Favourites: Skin and Hair care


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  2019 has begun and it is only right we take a look on some of last year favourites in the first week. Today it’s time for skin and hair care. I didn’t limit myself to the number of the products, since I’d like to show all of the best ones, no …

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Lush: The Birth of Venus face mask


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI Whenever my skin has some issues or I simply want to pamper myself, I use a face mask. Lately I mostly use just one, the one that impressed me with multiple properties. I also like it is somewhat special. Why? It si a JELLY face mask, as face mask I haven’t …

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Frezyderm – a miracle or a hoax?

PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI If you have read any opinion about Frezyderm in the last few months you could figure out (like I did) that they divide into two oposite poles: one adore it and can’t live without Frezyderm and the others are just critisizing it. What is the truth? I tested two products from …

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Kiehl’s in Slovenia

PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  There is a new brand here in Slovenia, Kiehl’s. I am sure many of my international readers already know the brand, but for us in Slovenia it is something new. Who and what is Kiehl’s? Kiehl’s is a brand that comes from New York and it is more then 150 years …

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Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiance Bronzing Body Lotion

PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  Summer is slowly ending and with it sun and sun bathing are saying good bye. But that doesn’t mean we should say goodbye to bronze skin too! Nivea with it’s Sun-Kissed Radiance Bronzing body lotion gradual tanner is here to the rescue. There are two versions of it – one for …

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Essence Kisses from Italy limited edition


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  It’s been a while since any limited edition collection actually gained my interest. But this time it was different. The moment I saw the collection preview, I knew, I need it! So I hunted for Kisses from Italy from Essence limited edition in stores. I was succesfull and bought three products that …

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Oriflame Invigorating coconut water & Melon set


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  Do you know how smells the summer? I know! The smell of summer was brought to me by Oriflame with their new addition to Love Nature line – a line that is environmentally friendly (GOOD JOB, Oriflame!). The smells of Love Nature line are all just so wonderful and this new …

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Nivea Moisture Mousse SPF 50


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  Summer is here. And you know who walks in hands with summer? Sunshine. I adore sun, summer has always been my favourite season. When I can show my face to the sun that gently caresses my cheeks and keeps my warm. But every year, I am more and more aware how …

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CareFree travel: Skin care with Kozmetika Moja

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PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  When I travel, skin care is the last on the list of my worries. I am usually so tired in the evening all I want is to sleep and in the morning I’m already rushing to see the next beautiful location and landmark for the day. So I really don’t have …