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Can you still trust a blogger?

PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  Lately there’s been a bunch of talk about one thing – ‘Can you still trust bloggers/vloggers/influencers’?’. In a way I view myself as one of them (even if I don’t post regularly), so I think it is only right, I write a blog post about this topic, about my truthfulness, my …


Top tips for buying cosmetics online


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  We all know nowadays buying online is no big deal, also when buying cosmetics and make up. But there are still certain things you should be on the lookout for, when buying online, since there is a ton of online stores. I discover a new one practically every day. To make …


Real women have curves. Or do they?


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  Let’s first make something clear – yes, I am skinny and no, I don’t how it’s like to have a kg too much. This post ISN’T here for making people feel bad about their weigth/look, but it is here to draw attention to something that’s happening all around us but most …

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Mr. Hashimoto


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  At first I’ve had a beauty post prepared for today but current mood inspired me to write this post. Are you wondering who mr. Hashimoto actually is? Read on. Hashimoto is an autoimmune chronic inflammation of the thyroid gland. In most cases it affects women. Around 2% of all women have …

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Hand-me-downs, family and birthday gifts


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  I want to talk about family and hand-me-downs today. I don’t know what the your habits are, but in my family stuff where always given on. Clothes, jewelry, baby and kids stuff, nothing still useful was ever thrown away-. And this is something that we still do today. it’s not as …