ABC Challenge: A – Astor Fash’n Studio nail polishes

Today is the first day of a new challenge, called ABC challenge. The idea is to try your unused polishes, that start with a letter for the day. And because the alphabet starts with an “A”, so we are also starting with an “A” 😉
I choose Astor Fash’n Studio nail polishes for today.

Astor Fash’n Studio is a brand I came across in Austria a long time ago. I didn’t know much about them, but I took a few polishes anyway. Here they are:

107, 105, 104, 70, 153, 79

I’ve never tried any of them, except 107(which is a scented polish and smells amazing!), so this is what I’m trying for the letter “A”.
They all have the same brush, standard, maybe a bit thin, easy to work with.


This is my favourited of the bunch. It is somewhat unique colour(I don’t think I have any really closeto this), very pale yellow creme. AND it smells divine! I can’t really describe the scent, it smells like a parfume. It needs two coats to be fully opaque. It really scared me when I did my first coat, because it was awfully patchy and uneven, but the second coats does the magic.

This one is standard eggyolk yellow creme. I’m sure I have a few similar colours in my collection. It needed two coats and I’ve had a few problems with brush strokes at first, but when it dried, the strokes evened out.

Red based orange creme. Similar to the previous two in application and formula.

My second favourite in the bunch. This one is more of a crelly, then a creme. Two coats again, first a bit patchy and uneved, sencond one amazing and the way it should be. It’s an amazing blue colour, I love it!

It’s a brighter blue creme. This one was the easiest to apply, opaque in only one coat. It reminds me of

Essence Bonnie(Nail art twins).


This one is a darkish shade of grass green creme. I kind of like it, I’d say it’s beer-bottle-green. It also needed two coats.

This is it. I love 107 and 70, maybe also 79, but the others…not so much. Well, they are nice, but not really unique or stunning. Do you have any Aston Fash’n Studio nail polishes?(Or any other makeup?) Do you have any to recommend?

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(3) komentarji

  1. Susanne pravi:

    Lacken såg väldigt fina och glansiga ut på dina naglar! Kul med ett nytt okänt märke. Tror jag gillade 153 bäst för jag är svag för turkosa nyanser. 🙂

  2. Käthe Nilsson pravi:

    Härliga färger! )

  3. Alesya Evstratova pravi:

    They look really bright and nice, wish we could smell them too 🙂

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