Marilou BIO Organic Face Scrub with Argan Oil


 Danes vam bom predstavila izdelek za nego obraza nad katerim sem navdušena. Predstavljam vam namreč piling za obraz, ki so mi ga poslali s Puranatura spletne strani, Marilou BIO Organic Face Scrub, piling za obraz z arganovim oljem.
 Today I am presenting you a product for skin care that really impressed me. I am presenting you a facial scrub that was sent to me from Puranatura, Marilou BIO Organic Face Scrub, face scrub with argan oil.

 Sama embalaža tega pilinga mi je neizmerno všeč, saj je poslikava ljubka, nežna in ženstvena. Sama embalaža je tuba s pokrovčkom, ki se z lahkoto odpira in zapira.
 The packaging itself is something I really like, the drawing on it is cute, soft and feminine. It is a tube with a lid that easily opens and closes.

 Vonj je čudovit, nežen in kremast. Je tudi nemoteč, saj ni premočan. 
 The smell is amazing, soft and creamy. It doesn’t bother me, it isn’t too strong. 

 Sama tekstura pilinga je zame ravno prava, saj je v kremasti osnovi ogromno res majhnih delcev, ki niso pregrobi za moj obraz, ampak odlično zmasirajo mojo kožo in odstranijo vso umazanijo in odmrlo kožo.
 Po umivanju obraza s tem pilingom, se moja koža odlično počuti, ni razdražena ali rdeča, me ne zateguje in je nasploh v dobrem stanju. Seveda je dobra krema po tem pilingu nujno potrebna, kar pa je seveda logično, saj je kremo potrebno nanesti po vsakem umivanju obraza.
 The texure of this scrub is perfect for me, in creamy base there is a ton of really small particles that aren’t too rough for my fance, they massage my skin just right and remove all dirt and dead skin cells.
 After washing my face with Marilou BIO Organic face scrub my skin feels great, it isn’t irritated or red, it doesn’t feel thightening and it is generally in good shape. Of course a good face cream is a neccessity, but this is logical, you need to apply face cream every time you wash your face.

Sama ta piling uporabim vsaj enkrat na teden in sem z rezultati zelo zadovoljna. Priporočam! Kupite ga lahko TUKAJ.
I use this face scrub at least once a week and I am very happy with the results. I recommend it!

Za konec pa še sestavine/Let’s end with ingredients:



Kateri je pa vaš najljubši piling za obraz?
Which is your favourite face scrub?

Xoxo, Nyx

22 Replies to “Marilou BIO Organic Face Scrub with Argan Oil

  1. Nice post. I like that you showed the ingredients. I feel like this is more important than anything else on the other side of the tube. Knowing exactly what the ingredients help users avoid unwanted chemicals.

  2. Thank you for this post, so detailed! I need to watch what I use on my face, my skin has got more sensitive as I've got older. Argan oil is amazing!

  3. I have heard a lot of good things about the argan oil, as beeing very good especially for the face and for the hair. I don't use scrub on my face, I only use a cucumber tonic lotion, and eye cream and from time to time, a face cream. They are all paraben free and my face is clean as a babys'. 🙂

  4. I love Argan Oil, but would never think to put it in a scrub. Nice review 🙂 I like the Pixi Glow Tonic to chemically exfoliate or if I have some rougher patches, I use the Michael Todd Tropical Fruit Enzyme exfoliator since it uses Jojoba beads instead of microbeads which are bad for your skin & the nvironment.

  5. Im currently looking for a good face scrub, and this one looks very good, i love how you described it so in depth. I will have a look if we have it in the UK. Thanks for the post very informative. x

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