Review: Beauty women NUDES eyeshadow palette

I bought this eyeshadow palette in Tedi. I am a huge fan of nude eyeshadows, so whenever and wherever I see a nude eyeshadow or palette, I need to get it. And this one was around 2€, so I needed to try it.

There is 6 eyeshadows in this palette. All 6 contain shimmer. There are three lighter and three darker ones. All are quite okay pigmented. You get a lot with only one stroke. There is one problem. The dusting shimmer. When I did a makeup look, I was a bit shimmery around the eye(mostly under).

The eyeshadows:

Off white/silvery one

Champange brown one

Dusty rose

Lighter warm brown

Darker warm brown

Dark grey/black

And the swatches:

As you can see the three brownish shades are really similar, especially the two warm brown ones. I love the black one, is perfect to use as eyeliner, when I want a softer look. I also love the white/silver one for highlighting. The only one I really don’t see myself using is the dusty rose one, it’s just not my colour.

All in all, it’s not a bad palette, but it’s not so great either. There are better ones out there, but if you are looking for something to start with and just to play a little, this one is okay, since it is really cheap =)

Do you have any Beauty women make up or other products? Is there anything I should also try?

Thanks for looking 😉

xoxo, Nyx

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