Swatches & Review: Essence Wave Goddess blush tint Loose your heart on the board


I bought Essnece blush tint from Wave goddess limited edition a while ago. When I was looking at them in the store each and everyone of them has had a bad brush =/ I don’t know if that is the way it’s supposed to be or all of them are crooked. But I decided to take it anyway, hoping to manage the brush.


I’m not really a fan of orange colour, I wanted this to be more of the colour of promo photos. That’s why I didn’t buy it when this LE came out.


But what’s funny is, that when I tried it, the colour was almost exactly like in the promo photos – pink, not orange.


I’ve had some problems when applying this, because I am used to applying blush with a blush brush.


With this one, you’ve had to apply it with a brush that comes with the brush and then blend the colour with you fingers . I’d say this is for more pale girls, since the colours is really nice and subtle.
I can see myself actually wearing this IF I’ll get used to this kind of applying =)

What do you think? Do you like this? Do you have any blush tints? How do you normally apply your brush?

xoxo, Nyx

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