Review: Ombia Cosmetics Wonder Curl Full Lashes Mascara

You are probably wondering what Ombia cosmetics is? Hah, it’s a Hoffer(or Aldi) house brand. I do love their skin care stuff, and when I saw the make up they have I took one mascara. They actually have 4-5 different ones, but I wanted to try one first and if this one would be any good, go for the others. They are cheap, around 2,70€, so it was worth a try.


I choose Wonder Curl Full Lashes mascara. It says it is “for sweeping, full lashes”.
“Ombia Cosmetics Wonderful Mascara makes the lashes full and curved with its curved brush. The lashes are targetlly formed – they appear longer, thicker and completely separated.”
But is this true? Let’s find out 😉
First, let me tell you how much I love the way they are sold, the package is super cute. The tube with mascara liquid is closed with a special top, and the wand is separated – so you can see the way it looks without opening it and you know it is unused. I think it is a great idea!
When you put the two together, you get a mascara that is a bit bigger. The bottle is red and cute with abstract paintings.

And the mascara,…well, it’s amazing! It makes my lashes really long and beautiful, they aren’t glued together, but well separated. AND what you see on the photos was achieved with only ONE COAT! The only thing I’m worried now is how long it will stay this way on my eyes. Panda eyes is something I easily get. Well, not exactly panda eyes, but “mascara dark circles”. After testing it, I have to say, I’m pleased. It stays on.

The brush:


Here’s my naked eye:

And here it is with the mascara:

I absolutely love it! I know now I will go and get some others to try!

What do you think? Have you ever tried Ombia make up? Is there anything I should have?
xoxo, Nyx

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