ABC Challenge: J – Essence Jeans Sugar Blue-jeaned

I’ve missed a few entries of ABC challenge due to exams time here, but I am back. Today’s letter is J and my pick is Essence effect nail polish in 07 Blue-jeaned. It says on the bottle it should be “jeans sugar”.


On the photos I have two coats. Application is easy and it dries really fast. But the colour unfortunatelly is nothing special. It kind of reminds me of jeans, but I’m missing the “sugar” part of this. I’d be completelly sold if this was a true texture polish, but it is not. It has silver glitters in dark blue base. There are sme really small micro bumbs – the texture – but it is not visible, you can only feel it. That is if you know they were supposed to be there and are really trying =P


All in all I am not really impressed with this polish, It’s not bad, it’s just…nothing special. I think is has a potential of being amaing, but unfortunatelly it’s not really there=)


What do you think? Do you like it?


xoxo, Nyx

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