Essence Hidden Stories LE nail polishes – my picks

Yesterday I got lucky and saw this LE in the stores. I took two nail polishes

01 Enter Wonderland and 03 Mauvellous Fairy

01 Enter Wonderland:


This polish is a complete PITA!! The first time I tried to put it on…well, it didn’t work so well. I wasn’t really careful with the first coat(I normally am not, because I always use two coats, and correct any mistakes with the second coat) and what a big mistake that was. With this polish you can’t correct mistakes with the next(and the next and the next) coat, all coats have to be perfect for it to look good. Otherwise this happens:


This is THREE coats, and you can still see my mistake from the first coat. So, I took it off and started again. This time more carefull.

It can be opaque in one coat, but you need to be reallyreally careful with application. It dries matte(as it says on the cap), and like the colour a lot. It’s a purple-ish gray, very soft and delicate.
03 Mauvellous Fairy


Well, this one was a dissapointment too. Amazing colour, but it is extremelly sheer =/ I love the colour, but three coats for it to be somewhat opaque. Yeah, not woth it. I will try and layer it over some other polish – any suggestions?


I really wanted to get the pink polish too, but I couldn’t find it =/
What about you? Did you get anything from this TE? Am I missing something great?

xoxo, Nyx

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