ABC Challenge: D – Catrice Dirty Berry


Can you believe this was an untried for me until today? I cannot either. I bought when it was still part of Catrice, so you know I’ve had it for a long time. I’ve drooled over every picture I saw, but there just never was a right opportunity to wear it. This changed today.


Catrice Dirty Berry is one of their most sought after polishes, the beautiful grey-lilac holographic polish. And what a beauty it is!


I have two coats on the picture, but I think I should do three, because IRL I can still see my nail line. It dries fast. I’ve had some problems with application, it was a bit runny, nothing too scary.


This beauty still has the old Catrice brush, the one that was the most standard and the easiest to work with(if you ask me).


What do you think about this polish? Do you have it? Do you wish you had it?

xoxo, Nyx

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