Comparisson: Maybelline Clearly spotted, Essence Black dress and white tie and L'oreal Confettis

Today I'm going to show you a comparisson between the three black&white glitter polishes that are available here in drugstores. Those three are Maybelline Colorama Polka dot Clearly spotted, Essence Special effect topper Black dress&white tie and L'oreal Confettis.


The first thing, price:
Clearly spotted costs 2,50€ and contains 7ml of product
Black dress&white tie is 8ml and it costs aroun 2€, which makes it a winner in this category
Conffettis comes in 5ml bottle and costs 4-5€, which makes it the most expensive one

Next, brushes:


CS has a normal looking brush, not wide nor thin, somewhere in the middle, nothing special, easy to work with


BD&WT has the same looking brush as CS


C's brush is a bit wider and unfortunatelly mine is all crooked up =/ It's still ok to work with, but it is not perfect

And now, what everyone really wants to know, the colour/application/pictures,...
I have put one coat of each nail polish, so you can see how they are with one coat. I have CS on my index and little finger, C on my middle finger and BD&WT on my ring finger.

Application was very similar with all three. I didn't have to fish for the glitters, there were enough on the brush, so no problems there. Also, all three went great on the nail, no picking up the glitters. They dry around the same time, quickly.

The colour: CS and C are very similar if not the same. Both have black&white glitters different sizes in clear base. Smaller glitters are round and larger are hexagons. BD&WT is different tho. It addition to everything mentioned above, you also have silver glitter in the base, very small and delicate. And the glitters are bigger


I personally don't think you need all three, unless you really love this kind of glitters(like me). Otherwise, I'd go with Maybelline Clearly spotted, since this one and L'oreal Confettis are practicly the same, and it is bigger and cheaper, and you can always put a layer of silver glitters over it to get the Essence look.

What do you think? Are all three necessary? Which one would you choose?

xoxo, Nyx

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  • Victoria Eaves says:

    Love this review! I have been eyeballing the Maybelline one for a while now! This convinced me

  • Nyx Nyx says:

    Thank you =) It is totally worth getting!

  • Alexa Etternavn says:

    I may or may not have 3 back up bottles of the Maybelline one in case they ever stop carrying it 😉 Loved the review though, it should help me from buying even more black and white glitter for a while!

  • Nyx Nyx says:

    Haha, I totally understand you 😉 I have to stop myself from not putting it over everypolish I wear 🙂 And thank you very much!

  • bubica vucko says:

    thanks for this review !
    a become your follower no3
    all the best !