Mollon Pro: Matte top coat

Summer is coming and I have a recipe for your nails to look top this summer! Even better, you only need one nail polish to again and again have the most interesing look!



Matte is always the answer, it looks so good to me, no matter what colours the base is or what nail art it covers. The only problem I have with matte top coats is it is really hard to find a good one. What does a good one do? It is trully matte and it doesn’t leave stripes behind. We used to have bigger choice, but lately not so much. Luckily I found a perfect one for me – completely matte, fast drying and long lasting, Mollon Pro Top Coat Matt Lacquer.

How to use matte nail polish?


Simple. You basically use it the same as any other top coat. You start (duuuh) with a base coat, do your manicure, you wait for everything to dry (or you use fast drying top coat) and then you apply matte top coat. All you have to do now is wait for the matte top coat to dry and during this time you can actually see your nails turn matte! And that’s it. Not that hard, right?



You can use it on its own. This is something that isn’t really noticeable, but it creates such a pretty, soft effect.
You can use it as a top coat over a colour nail polish. It creates a specially beautiful effect over shimmer or glitter nail polishes, holographic ones or over duo/multichromes.
You can use it over nail art. I prefer geometric nail arts, with different shapes and lines. Of course, everything depends on what you wish.
One of the most interesting ideas is also playing with matte and shine. Instead of using colours for nail art, you use shiny top coat on a matte base, or the other way around.

Be careful!


The manicure has to be completely dry before applying matte top coat. If the mani under it isn’t dry enough, it can happen that you pick up some of the colour underneath or the nail art can ruin.
You need to have enough matte top coat on your brush, so the whole look will be completely matte and there will be no ‘shiny’ spots.
You need to apply matte top coat to the edges, so you don’t end up with different, shiny edges.

This is it for today and I will show you next time how matte top coat looks like over different looks. Would you be interested in a comparisson between matte and shiny finish?
Oh, of course, you can buy our matte nail polish in Mollon pro web store, HERE!

Xoxo, A.

**This post was written in collaboration with Mollon Pro Slovenia**

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