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2018 Favourites: Skin and Hair care


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  2019 has begun and it is only right we take a look on some of last year favourites in the first week. Today it’s time for skin and hair care. I didn’t limit myself to the number of the products, since I’d like to show all of the best ones, no …

Beauty, Nivea, Skin care

Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiance Bronzing Body Lotion

PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  Summer is slowly ending and with it sun and sun bathing are saying good bye. But that doesn’t mean we should say goodbye to bronze skin too! Nivea with it’s Sun-Kissed Radiance Bronzing body lotion gradual tanner is here to the rescue. There are two versions of it – one for …

Beauty, Nivea, Skin care

Nivea Moisture Mousse SPF 50


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  Summer is here. And you know who walks in hands with summer? Sunshine. I adore sun, summer has always been my favourite season. When I can show my face to the sun that gently caresses my cheeks and keeps my warm. But every year, I am more and more aware how …