Numa Bay Exclusive hotel, Alanya, Turkey

Turkey, my Turkey. Ever since Jan and I talked about where to go on vacation with Teo, I've really been rooting for Turkey. Jan quickly agreed and we faced a difficult choice - which hotel should we choose? In the end, we chose the Numa Bay Exclusive hotel, near Alanya.

Numa Bay Exclusive hotel

We were looking for a smaller hotel, somewhere in the vicinity of Alanya, Side, Kemer,… Numa Bay Exclusive hotel convinced us with good reviews on the Internet, as well as, frankly, with their stories on Instagram. Well, when we got there, we saw that we made the right choice.

The room

We had a room with a sea view and the view was truly phenomenal! The room was nice and modern. A large double bed and one smaller bed, and I thought it was very nice that there was also a children's bed waiting for us in the room. The bathroom had a large shower, mirror, toilet and sink.


Hotel Numa bay Exclusive has 2 large swimming pools, 1 children's pool with a water park and a pool with slides. The water is pleasant and refreshing. But still warm enough that I went in there too. There were enough sunbeds by the pool, although towards the end the hotel was already quite crowded, but what I remember most was the big pavilion with a roof, so everything was in the shade under it. At the pools and on the beach, canopies are also available for an additional fee, which are really extremely comfortable and offer enough privacy.

Food and drink

You won't go hungry at Numa Bay Exclusive Hotel!! And the food is really good. Themed dinners with a huge selection, and a wide variety of food offered during the day. Personally, my favorite part of the 'daily' food is the program on the beach - every day different snacks, such as sushi, burgers, hot dogs, various Turkish delicacies,… and next to that, the lady bakes flatbread with different fillings. Standard snacks are available by the pools - hamburgers, fries, pizza, and fresh fruit,… There are also freshly baked waffles, yum!!! And ice cream too.

Oh, and this is also the only hotel so far in which I have seen that they offer baby porridge for meals. (But before Teo, I didn't even pay attention to that.) You won't be disappointed when it comes to drinks either, a lot of quality offers, good cocktails, they really try to use quality ingredients too!

They also have three a la carte restaurants - Turkish, Mexican and Asian. We tried two, Turkish and Mexican, and it's a really special experience and good food.

Staff/service + shows

Biiiiig plus - evening program! It's not just standard - miss, mister, etc., but they have an actual program, for example we experienced an African show with acrobats, and a Mexican show, and once a week they also have a big garden party. The chefs are insanely friendly, smiling, enthusiastic that you come to them for food, they were also enthusiastic about Teo, they talked to him, animated him, gave him lollipops, watermelons,…


A small bay with a sandy beach, where there are also small pebbles here and there. Numa bay Exclusive hotel also has its own pier, from which you can get to deeper water faster. There is shallow water in the bay, which is great for children, but if you want to swim a little, you have to wade in a bit. Another plus of the pier - they feed the fish from the pier, so you have the opportunity to swim in a school of fish!
Crazy experience.

To conclude, Numa Bay Exclusive hotel is a hotel that I really recommend to anyone. And I would be happy to come back!

Xoxo, A.

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