Travel with me: Vinarium, Lendava


Sundays are fot trips or so they say. Well, I agree with them. My latest trip was a trip to Lendava, where I visited Vinarium, the highest observation tower in Slovenia. Ans what’s even more interesting, it offers a view in four different countries.



Hight: 53,50m

Floors: 9 + ground floor

Year of build: 2015

Number of stairs: 240

Entrance fee: 7€

But since this boring numbers tell only a little, let me tell you some more interesting bits.


driving there

Driving there is… interesting. I do recommend using a navigation, there a re a few signs on the road, but they aren’t on every crossroad and you can easily get lost. The tower is visible from far away, basically from the highway, but driving trough vineyards can you quickly loose your orientation.


The tower

Seeing the tower offers a magnificent sight, its shape truly is interesting and something special. There is a little caffe, a souvenir shop and ticket counter on the ground flour. After you buy your ticket, you have to options to go to the top – either with elevator or walking the stairs. The elevator stops on two floors, on the viewing platform and on the top. The viewving platfor is surrounded by glass and the top is opened. If you ask me, the view from the top is better, since there is no glass inbetween and the pictures are pretties. The stairs are on the outside of the tower, so you basically walk in the open, which was a bit scary for me – there is nothing else on your left than maybe a meter tall fence.


My opinion

Is the tower really worth visiting? Let me tell you, the view is amazing, but there is nothing breathtaking to see. You see really far, but all you see are fields, meadows and nature. Just so you won’t be dissapointed. You can make some amazing pictures there. With the view and with the tower. Riding the elevator doesn’t take long, but it’s interesting and walking the stairs is really a special experience. The entire tower visit, riding the elevator, checking both floors, taking pictures and walking down the stairs lasted around half an hour. But you have to decide for yourself, if it’s worth it or not.



Visit the tower in nice weather, so the view will be the best that can be!

It can be quite windy on top, make sure you won’t be cold!

Check out the opening times on their website before you go  – KLIK .


Have you already visited the tower or do you want to go?

Xoxo, A.



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