Hotel Kolping, Hungary

Once you have a child, your priorities when looking for hotels, change. You look more for child-friendly hotels, you look for added value, such as children’s pools, children’s playrooms, maybe even a children’s corner with food. And we found one of these very close to us! I present to you the hotel Kolping in Hungary!

Hotel Kolping

Kolping Hotel is a family-friendly hotel near Heviz and Balaton that is truly made with children in mind. You can really see and know this at every step. We spent four days here and we could spend many more.


The hotel offers several different rooms, we had a family suite and we were very satisfied! The rooms are grouped into so-called ‘houses’, and each house has its own theme (for example, ours was the sea, the neighboring forest…), and they are all connected by a heated corridor. At the same time, this corridor also connects the restaurant, children’s playroom and swimming pools. The rooms are nicely furnished, colorful and spacious. Almost each house also has its own baby kitchen (not every house has it, but there is always one near the house), where you can prepare a warm meal for your child 24 hours a day.

The family suite has a bedroom for adults, a bedroom for children and a bathroom, along with a kitchen area. There is also a changing table in the room, and a baby bath and potty in the bathroom. A baby seat for feeding and an sport stroller were also hidden in the closet. Jan and I were very impressed by the well-thought-out design of the sink and the shelf next to it. There is just enough space for the bath, and the shower handle is also built in, so that you can bathe the child without any problems, and at the end you can pour the water into the sink without much effort.


This is where Hotel Kolping REALLY shines! Everyone I’ve met is so friendly, everyone says hello, the waiters are helpful and you really get the feeling that they love working there. I was also told that they try to make each of the staff know about 10 phrases in the languages ​​of their frequent visitors (German, English, Slovak, etc.) so that everyone feels at home. They don’t know Slovenian (yet), but you never know. 😉 But you can really get along without any problems with basic English or German.


I can also praise the animators (more in the chapter ‘Children’s Kingdom’). They really have a feeling for children, our Teo was absolutely delighted with the ‘aunties’!


There are as many as THREE children playrooms within the hotel. One near the pools and two in the main ‘Boboland’ area. Bobo is their trademark, a cute hippo who comes to greet the children at dinner. Together with the children, you can also search for all the Bobos on the hotel grounds.

Boboland is the largest indoor hotel playground in Hungary. It consists of several rooms. A large play area in the form of a castle, which children can climb on and slide down, is open till late in the evening, usually until around 22.00. Next to it is a playroom where, when it is open, there are also animators who also offer free babysitting. For children aged 1-3 they offer babysitting for 3 hours a day, and for older children 8 hours a day.

Boboland has EVERYTHING! Books, puzzles, cars, kitchen, creative materials, toys… And an interesting program! Every day there is a lot going on, things are being created, social games are being played, prize games… When you arrive at the hotel, you are given an A4 sheet of paper on which is written what is happening that week. And there’s a lot going on!

In Boboland, there is also a playroom for babies, a changing room, a ‘mother’s kitchen’… And one big plus, the animators even changed Teo when he was in care! The first time we stayed with him and played, the next time we left him there with the animators. More out of curiosity, how he will do – we went for coffee in a cafe next to Boboland. And the little man enjoyed it! So he went to daycare every day. How did they talk? I have no idea. But they communicated everything! In fact, one animator was always playing with him when I went to see how he was doing.


The entire hotel is nicely decorated, the exterior is green, beautiful paths (a little up the hill), flowers… The biggest attraction are the 5 different playgrounds! We mostly played on the playground intended for the little ones, where there was a sandpit with a buried dinosaur, a playground for the youngest, trampolines… During the walk, we also realized that there are various slides strategically placed on the land, which are run down the slope.


I have only good things to say about food. Absolutely great food. There was always enough choice to keep you from going hungry. Here, too, the youngest were taken care of. Both at breakfast and at dinner, there was a choice of ‘children’s things’ – semolina, some kind of mash, but also bottled baby foods, milk… There was also good lactose-free segment. For breakfast, they actually had semolina on milk, semolina on lactose-free milk and porridge on rice milk.


The pool complex is divided into two parts – a family aquapark and an adults only part. In the adult only section, there is a cooler swimming pool and a pool with warm spring water. And saunas. The aquapark has a larger pool, a smaller pool with a slide, a children’s pool and a children’s water playground. Here in the sauna section they also offer a salt room! I was impressed by the fact that one of the programs is also a sauna for children, as I think it is important to introduce them to the sauna culture and teach them how to behave in the sauna.

At the pools, they also have a room for breastfeeding, a changing table and cribs for children. A bunch of toys and even a box with spare floatie. They thought of everything!

The pool complex also has outdoor pools, but we didn’t use them this time due to the temperatures. There is also a restaurant near the pools (fast food – nuggets, fries, etc.) with surprisingly normal prices, a portion of dino nuggets and fries is around €7.

The Kolping Hotel is a hotel to which we will definitely return! It’s great for everyone – small and slightly older children, teenagers and parents. They also have a special area for teenagers, where there is a table for table tennis, hand foosball table, air hockey and similar things. Everything is taken care of! The Bobo Fun Park is also directly adjacent to the hotel.


Bobo Fun Park  is on the property of the hotel, but a separate building, with an entrance fee, with additional benefit for Kolping guests! What is Bobo Fun Park? It is a huge indoor adrenaline park. For all older and smaller children. Teo enjoyed himself like crazy, even though most things were still too big for him! Well, they also have a section for babies, which he wasn’t too interested in. Climbing walls, trampolines, ninja polygon, slides, adrenaline trail, laser maze,… A bunch of everything! If you have older children (6+), this is a great part of the day! Well, it is very interesting from 4 years onward.

Together with the hotel, we have prepared a great gift for you – if you enter the code ‘AJDA1’ when booking, you will get tickets to Bobo Fun Park for free! If you are interested in more about the hotel, read HERE. Kolping Hotel, and we will definitely see each other again!

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