Travel with me: Festival svjetla Zagreb 2019


As in the past several years, this year Zagreb also hosts an introduction and greetings to spring,  FESTIVAL SVJETLA ZAGREB. This year I visited it too. If you want to know what it is and how I saw it, just keep on reading!



Are you up for a night of magic? Do lights excite you? Do you like to discover hidden corners of a city? If you answered yes to any of the questions, you must visit Festival Svjetla Zagreb. I was really impressed and I know I want to visit it again next year! Let’s talk some basics first. All the scenes and the entire of the program of Festival Svjetla Zagreb is FREE. It maybe doesn’t sound like much, but when you see it all, you can only be impressed.


How did I experience the festival?

This time I didn’t have time to really go online and check everything out (something I usually do) and my expectations were low. I did have a print out map of the scenes with me, but I didn’t actually use it much. Everything is nicelly marked and walking around and finding everything is very easy. Worst case scenario: you just follow a bunch of people around, since almost everyone is going the same way you do. Being unprepared helped me actually, I was totally drawn into the experience and my night was wonderful! Each of the scenes had its own kind of magic and it was well worht taking the time to see them all!


Festival Svjetla Zagreb is divided to multiple scenes troughout the city, you can take a look at all fo them here and I will show you the ones that I was most impressed by and I feel they are a must see!
(No particular order except how I remembered them)



You begind with walking trough a tunnel, nothing special and you start to wander what’s the point in that and them bam… you come to a black courtain and behind it… MAGIC FOREST. Only UV lights with UV drawings on the wall. So special, interesting and a must see!



A bunch of people standin infront of closed doors and waiting… Of course you stand with tham, not knowing what’s behind the doors, someone beside you is talking something about a disco and then the door opens. And there it is, the DISCO. In the middle of the place a bunch of disco balls, that spin around with colourfull lights making everything just out of this world and out of the corner of the place music bursts. It truly is a sight to see and experience!


For the whole duration of the street the lights are making it appear as if you are walkin on water. It’s amazign! It looked like magic to me and the only downside are the cars that are still driving on that street. Too bad!



Another scene that blew me away! This one was the darkest of them all and as you can see the pictures are far from perfect, but the ‘clouds’ and soft relaxing music just take you to another world and you are totally relaxed in the end.


Show worth seeing! Dancing, lights, lasers and music, AMAZING! I was impressed and if I could I would watch them longer.


Visit advices

 Before going to Festival Svjetla Zagreb take your time and look on the internet on where to park. In Zagreb parking is a problem even if nothing is going on. I recommend parking in a garage house, since you’ll only be there for a couple of hours. It’s better than driving around Zagreb, trying to find a place to park.
Certanly take a look at the event map, so you’ll have at least an idea on where to go and what to see.
Some attractions have they timeline, for example laser show or the house projection, something to keep in mind if you want to see it all.
For seeing everything, with a normal walk between the attractions, you will need at least an hour, but I would recommend two. Most of the walk isn’t actually very demanding and for the walk up and down the hill you can also pay for the cable car.
If you have kids, there are also some places for you, like Panda land and Dream playground.
Don’t forget to take something to drink with you, but if you do forget, you can still buy yourself a drink in some bar or cafe.


Do I recommend?

I can honestly truly recommend Festival Svjetla Zagreb. If you have time, do go and visit. The festival is open between 18.00-23.00 and if you plan your visit right and you don’t want to be too late, you can be there around 18.00 and leave already around 20.00.

Xoxo, A.

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