Catrice 07 Expressive Pink nail polish

Woohoo, finally nail polish on the blog again! After a long time, I have something new on my nails again. =) And since it’s spring, it’s also time for spring colors, do you agree? Today I chose Catrice Expressive Pink nail polish from the Stronger nails line.

Catrice Stronger nails Strengthening Nail Lacquer

The 2-in-1 solution for brittle, soft nails! The vegan Stronger Nails Lacquers strengthen the nail with the help of a mineral complex containing zinc, magnesium, iron and copper. 82% of consumers confirm that their nails have already become harder and break less after just one week. Here’s how it works: Apply a thin layer of the nail polish, gently remove after three to four days and reapply. Continue the treatment for at least one week. The range is available in a total of 10 shades that all have a very high coverage, including both subtle and bright colours, so that every nail lover is sure to find their perfect colour & strengthening match.

I can’t confirm Catrice’s claim as I am loyal to my nail hardener, but it sounds very interesting! The color palette of Stronger nails nail polishes is diverse and I am sure that each will find at least one shade for themselves!

07 Expressive Pink

My shade is number 07 Expressive pink. It is basically a beautiful coral color that pulls more towards orange on me, but it also hides a pink undertone. Micro golden yellow glitters are added to the base, which adds a beautiful shine and depth to the varnish.

It is opaque in two coats. Although at first glance it looks like you will see brush strokes, this is not the case. Drying time is medium long, I helped it with a quick-drying top coat and drying drops.

If you ask me, Catrice Expressive pink is a beautiful nail polish that I will definitely use a lot more. A shade that looks great in the spring and will also be ideal in the summer. Lively, interesting, shiny and something special! And you know what? There is no dupe in my collection!

Xoxo, A.

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