Nivea Moisture Mousse SPF 50

Summer is here. And you know who walks in hands with summer? Sunshine. I adore sun, summer has always been my favourite season. When I can show my face to the sun that gently caresses my cheeks and keeps my warm. But every year, I am more and more aware how dangerous the sun can really be. And that skin needs protection from it, especially the face skin, which is more exposed and, at least in my case, more sensitive. I’ve always found sun creams to be very heavy, not good for my face and I used them only when on vacations. Especially, since my skin is sensitive and my pores quickly clog and I get zits and rashes. It’s not exactly what I want, right? But this year I’ve decided to give sun creams another chance. And, damn, my skin never looked better. Okey, it also has a lot to do with my current skin care, but that’s a topic for another time. And which sun cream is with me every day and fights agains sun rays?


nivea-moisture-mousse-foam-sun-creamSo, it’s not actually a cream, haha. It’s a mousse! Which means it has to be shaken before use. And it also means it increases once out of the bottle, so I do advice some carefullness when dosing. I almost threw it away at first, since the first few times I tried to use it, all it came out, no matter how much I’ve shaken it, was a liquidy foam with a yellow liquid around. But then that dissapeared and now I have such pretty white foam.

The mousse absorbs nicely, it does leave a bit of a “sun-cream” feeling on your face, but I like it, I don’t feel like my face or skin is dry. I am not certain how it’d behave on oily skin, but I have big hopes for it. Why? Because it doesn’t clog up my pores, at all! And it doesn’t make my face oily. And because it’s great even under make up.


It smells like sun cream. And summer. It really is a nice feeling on the skin when applied. I look forward to using it every morning, since it doesn’t only protect my skin from sun rays, but it also nourishes my skin. And you? Do you use sun cream every day or only on vacation? Which one is your favourite sun cream?

Xoxo, A.

**this post includes PR products provided for honest review**

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