Compliment your mirror

Each and everyone of us has moments when you just don’t feel good in your skin. And there are days when looking in the mirror isn’t exactly something you’d want to do. And today is ment for everyone of us. It’s a special day, that wants to encourage and teach us to love ourselves. What day is it today?


You see, compliments aren’t only for those around you. They are also for you too. In reality they should be for your first and then for everyone else.

How do you take part?

First, take a mirror. Done? Now, take three deep breaths and give your mirror (and the image in it) a compliment. One, twoo, go! Done? Now smile. And your participation is complete!

Why is today so important?

Every day, every moment we are bombarded with images of beauty and perfection. And you can easily forget that you are indeed too – BEAUTIFUL. Every little “mistake” you have is a part of you and your own perfection. This is you and you should love your self just the way you are. And even more important, you should never forget that you are a strong, fearless women and the real beauty is hidden within you.


If you participated in celebrating today, let this be a rehersal. A rehersal for every day of your life. When you pass a mirror, remember, smile and give yourself a compliment, no matter how small, it’s worth it! Even if you are in a hurry, let a look in the mirror remind you, who you are, let it remind you that you are beautiful, stron, that you are awesome! And let every day be your “Compliment your mirror” day.

 Xoxo, A.

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