Hotel Grand Waterworld Makadi, Hurgada, Egypt

Let’s talk about the hotel where we spent our holidays – Grand Waterworld Makadi, located in a hotel complex in Makadi Bay. The nearest airport is Hurghada, but you probably already know that the country I’m talking about is Egypt.

Hotel Grand Waterworld Makadi


The hotel is primarily intended for families and children. Of course, it is also a great hotel for ‘slightly older’ children, for all those who love water slides, interesting swimming pools and water parks in general. Grand Waterworld Makadi is built right on the beach and has quite a few swimming pools.

Water park

A few words about the Grand Waterworld Makadi Hotel water park. They have a really interesting water complex, where there is something for babies, children, as well as for slightly older children. The biiiiiig children’s complex provides all-day entertainment, and they also have 5 bigger slides and even pool surfing and the slow river. I was impressed with the beautifully executed beach by the pool. As a bonus, they also have a heated pool. They really thought of everything!

Food and drink

Two bars on the beach, two by the beach, a restaurant by the beach, themed restaurants on the way by the beach, the main restaurant, a few smaller restaurants by the pool, … Food and drinks are provided! There are also some a la carte restaurants in the hotel complex, where drinks are available at an additional cost, two non-all-inclusive restaurants and a few restaurants where certain dishes and drinks are available at an additional cost, and some are all-inclusive. We tried the Mexican and Italian restaurant (La Terrace) and I can only recommend it!


When we talk about the variety of food and the flavours, I have to tell you a few things. Breakfasts are quite repetitive. You arent hungry and it’s good, but in one week you get a little fed up, because the offer is the same every day. I’m not going to say it’s not good, but it’s a little boring. Lunches are … it depends on the day. Some days the offer is a bit poor, but the food is delicious. Dinners are the main course of the day! Themed dinners or dinners just like that, the food is delicious and the variety is good. It must be said, however, that at every meal something is prepared fresh, and at dinner fresh salads and things from the bread oven are also prepared. Yummy!


Our room was HUGE! Large bathroom with bathtub, separate shower, separate toilet with bidet, and two sinks. One built-in closet and one built-in closet – a room, a huge bed on which we all had enough space, a sofa, and one cute balcony with a beautiful view. I won’t say the rooms are the most modern, but they are nicely decorated, comfortable and spacious!


We have come to the point that gives the hotel and the whole experience a dot on the i. Incredibly friendly staff! EVERYONE greets you with a smile. Everyone was insanely enthusiastic about Teo and all the meals were: Hello, baby! For lunch / dinner, the waiter waved at us from a distance and removed the chair for our pushchair, on the beach the boy who worked there stopped at Teo almost every time, played with him, fixed him on a towel, picked up his things, … At tea, another waiter showed me photos of his children, … Although they don’t know English well, they really try!


Save the best for last they say. And the beach is one superlative here. Ok, when you first see it, maybe you won’t be so excited, there are some fences in the water, what is it now? Then you dive in for the first time and forget about not being thrilled! One gorgeous coral reef with so many fish to watch all day! Snorkeling equipment is a must! And good sunscreen too! 😉

The beach is sandy and the water is quite shallow. When you go into the water, however, it is fine to have shoes for the water, as there are corals and stones in it. It’s not sharp, but it’s still more comfortable with shoes!

The Grand Waterworld Makadi Hotel really impressed me and if I ever go to Egypt again, I will definitely think of this hotel first!
Have you visited him yet? Did he convince you?

Xoxo, A.

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