2018 Favourites: Skin and Hair care


2019 has begun and it is only right we take a look on some of last year favourites in the first week. Today it’s time for skin and hair care. I didn’t limit myself to the number of the products, since I’d like to show all of the best ones, no matter how many there are.



Let’s start with hair. I actually haven’t written about hair products in 2019, I can’t believe it! Why? Because 2018 was the ‘IT’ year for my hair. Finally there is life, volume and shine in them. I am sure at least something is because of the following

BULGARIAN ROSE KARLOVO Rose Joghurt hair shampoo

Because my hair are shiny, soft and everytime I wash them, I can get enough of looking at them.

BULGARIAN ROSE KARLOVO Rose Joghurt hair mask

Because you have to pamper your hair every now and then and I cannot believe how soft they are after this mask!

BATISTE dry shampoo – dark brown

Because I don’t always have the time the wash them and this is the best dry shampoo to make them look fresh, washed and pretty.



 Can I just say how happy I (currently) am with the state of the skin on my face? Here I have quite a few favourites, since my current skin care has a lot of products? I believe (and hope, hihi), that each and every one of them makes my skin better looking, acne free, soft and content!top-skin-hair-care-2018

SUPERMOOD EgoBoots micellular foam

Because I like to clean my skin with something soft and gentle.

NIVEA  moisture MOUSSE 

Because I need to protect my skin from the sun.

FREZYDERM Sun Screen Color Velvet Face SPF 50

Because I need something that evens my skin tone, looks good and at the same time protects my skin.

LUSH  The Birth of Venus maska za obraz

Because I love my skin and I want to pamper my self here and there.



The skin on my body is usually not in the first plan. No time, no will, not important. And the result? Worse skin on my body that I’d prefer. But I do have a few favourites here also 😉


ORIFLAME Invigorating Coconut water & Melon shower gel

Because I love good smelling things when I shower.

NIVEA Sun Kissed Radianca bronzing body lotion

Because I adore a slight tan, but I don’t really like sunbathing.

And in the end, the honorable place, dedicated to a product that’s been with me trough the whole year, took care of my hair, skin and nails and that I still love today! What am I talking about?


gaia-naturelle-hungry-skin-kolagen-shot-collagen (6)

Because it’s simply the best!

Which are your favourited products of the past year? Do we have any in common?
P.S.: If you click on the name of the product, you can read the blog post dedicated to it 😉

Xoxo, A.


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