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Today, I present to you a product that, in my opinion, is a huge step in the right direction, a step in the direction of pollution-free living and waste reduction. Traveler gel for intimate hygiene. Traveller intimate hygiene gel

From now on, green care is always at hand, at home or on the go. Traveler gel without added fragrances turns an ordinary paper handkerchief or toilet paper into a care cloth that gently cleanses and nourishes your skin. With adjusted pH and neutral ingredients, it is friendly to even the most sensitive skin.
The product is dermatologically and hypoallergenic tested. Suitable for the most sensitive skin. After use, it leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness and comfort on the skin.

What? Traveller intimate hygiene gel Traveller is a product primarily intended for intimate hygiene, but of course it is also perfectly suitable for cleaning other areas. It contains 99.9% of ingredients of natural origin and does not contain sulfates, parabens, gluten, phthalates, GMOs, phenoxyethanol, silicones, essential and mineral oils, synthetic dyes or flavors.

How? Traveller intimate hygiene gel Traveller is easy to use. It is in the form of a spray and you can use it anywhere – with a handkerchief, toilet paper, kitchen towel, … You can easily spray and wipe. It also contains ingredients that hold toilet paper together so it doesn’t tear right away. (disclaimer: If you pull apart, it tears anyway, but it tears much slower than usual.)

Who? Traveller intimate hygiene gel

It is intended for everyone who wants green, nature-friendly care. To all of you who want to toss moisturizing wipes in the bin and no longer want to pollute nature. It is skin-friendly and non-irritating, basically soothing and nourishing due to its ingredients.

Why? Traveller intimate hygiene gel

Fact is that moisturizing wipes don’t break down as quickly as toilet paper or plain wipes. And because of that, they are polluting the environment. With the help of traveller gel, this quickly degradable toilet paper / handkerchief is transformed into a moisturizing handkerchief. And so you take care of hygiene without polluting the environment! 1 traveller gel replaces as many as 400 moisturizing wipes! Environmentally friendly? Very! Skin-friendly? Even more!

And the packaging? Traveller intimate hygiene gel

The packaging is also environmentally friendly. Everything is recyclable, both cardboard outer packaging and glass gel packaging. I also really like the packaging visually! Elegant and minimalist. A big plus is the size, 100ml, which also goes on the plane, in hand luggage!

FINAL SCORE Traveller intimate hygiene gel Traveller intimate hygiene gel impressed me! I used it regularly in two cases: after surgery when showering was simply out of the question due to stitches, and on a trip to Greece where I also had those (khm) days of the month. It worked great, I came back without inflammation and problems, and on the trip I felt clean, tidy and without unpleasant odors in all situations. Rating: EXCELLENT! Test done! 😉

Did I spike your interest? Then CLICK HERE and see more information there. Let me tell you that I chose a gel for myself without added scents, but there is also a version with tea tree and a special for baby hygiene.

Xoxo, A.

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