Mykonos, Greece

Greece is a beloved destination of mine, there are quite a few of its islands on my wish list, and now I have crossed out another one. Today I take you to Mykonos, a Greek island that stole my heart after only a few minutes of driving.

Mykonos, Greece


Mykonos is an 85.5 square kilometers big island located in the Aegean Sea and belongs to the Cycladic islands. I will remember it for its beautiful white houses wherever you look, beautiful beaches with beautiful sea, great food and a little higher prices than I am used to in Greece. 😉


Mykonos is considered one of the more luxurious Greek islands, and was first elevated to its fame by Jackie Kennedy. Over the years, it has thus gained the status of an island for the rich and famous. Fortunately, it is also quite affordable for ordinary mortals, and it all depends on what kind of luxury you want.


Mykonos is most visited in June and July, and the season lasts from somewhere between May and October. We visited it in mid-October and caught the last train! Not because of the weather, it was really great, we were also able to swim in the sea, but because practically everything was closed when we left. (This was probably just due to the corona season, but still …)

How to get there?

We flew a plane from Vienna. The flight takes a little over two hours, and Mykonos has only one airport. 😉 There is also the possibility of a ferry from the surrounding islands, if, for example, you would like to combine a visit to Mykonos with a visit to another island.
When we got to the hotel, there was a couple at the reception who went on to Santorini, for example. 😉

Where to sleep?

We were deciding between a stay near the capital or in the south, where there are more beautiful beaches. In the end, the beaches won and so we spent a week at the Acrogiali Hotel, on Platis Gialos Beach. If you are looking for accommodation in Mykonos, then I suggest you either the south, where the most beautiful beaches are and quite a few you can visit on foot or the west, where the capital is.

How to travel around the island?

You can move around the island in several ways. By bus, taxi, you can rent a scooter, quad bike, or car. Buses are reliable, but connections between individual points are rare, mostly all connections are through the capital. Taxis are more expensive and I recommend them only as a last resort. It is easiest if you rent yourself a means of transportation.

We opted for a quad, because I don't like scooters, and we didn't feel like renting a car. We paid 20 € / day + petrol for the quad. Because Mykonos is an island, gasoline, as at any island, is more expensive, but a quad consumes very little. It is possible to drive around the island nicely, there was not much traffic, only the roads are not really marked, so Google maps come in very handy!

What to see?

Mykonos is known as an island of beautiful beaches, huge parties, luxury, and friendliness to the LGBT community. But it also has some places, especially beaches, worth visiting.

Practically the only town on the island, the capital Hora, hides beautiful alleys, white walls, colorful fences, and gates and is a place where you simply get lost in the streets and enjoy. Be sure to go to 'Little Venice', where there are beautiful inns, to the windmills, to the old port (not to the new one, because you have nothing to see there) and all the streets in between.

Drive to the lighthouse. The wind is crazy there, but the view is gorgeous and offers the possibility of cute photos. The lighthouse itself (unfortunately) is not open to the public, but it is still a place to see.

Mykonos has quite a few really beautiful beaches, definitely worth a visit are the beaches of Lia, Super Paradise, Paradise, Elia, Anna, … Honestly, practically every beach in the south where we stopped was beautiful, sandy, with beautiful water !! In the west, the beaches, unfortunately, did not impress me so much.

Delos. An islet, near Mykonos, which is one huge archeological site. If you love history, then visit it. To me, honestly, it was all interesting, but quite a bit expensive. The ferry to the island is € 20 and the entrance fee is € 12. If you want a tour … Well, it costs even more. Unfortunately, there are very few explanatory tables on the island itself, so you’re more or less left to your self, with one brochure you get at the entrance. There is practically no shadow.

Mykonos is also known for its nightlife, we visited a beautiful bar overlooking the capital, which had quite steep prices, but the whole ambiance was worth a visit, and occasionally in the evening we walked to Paradise beach, where they had a party every night. Even though we were at the end of the season, looking at the discos you can imagine what kind of parties there are and I believe that everyone who wants to have fun will also get their money's worth.

I liked Mykonos. Beautiful white houses, beautiful beaches, a total relaxation, but still enough attractions to explore. Honestly, I wouldn’t go again because I’ve already seen it. But it is a must-see, wonderful and worth a visit. I was most impressed by the beaches and the beautiful capital city!

How about you, have you visited Mykonos yet? Did you like it? Or do you still have it on your wish list? Tell me your opinion in the comment!

Xoxo, A.

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