Advent in Opatija, Croatia

You can experience the most beautiful Advent by the sea in our vicinity this year – Advent in Opatija, Croatia!
Opatija is a beautiful city anyway, I have already written about it on the blog (KLIK), and today I would like to present its Advent decoration in more detail.

Advent in Opatija, Croatia


Can you imagine a small town with a sea scent, dressed in the colorful colors of Advent? Where do dwarves, gift-goers, and nutcrackers reign during the day and glow in a thousand lights at night? Well, this is Opatija this year.

Beautifully decorated, worth a visit both during the day and at night. There are a lot of beautiful photo corners, there is something on every corner. I’m not going to explain to you where something is, let me just whisper to you that it pays to walk around and explore everything. The most beautiful destination for me? Villa in Angiolina Park! Get lost in the maze in the park, where a surprise awaits you at every end!

Advent in Opatija convinced me. It’s wonderful! Have you visited it or do you perhaps plan to?

Xoxo, A.

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