Miracle in a bottle: Kolagen shot


Food suplements? Necessary evil, a must-have or unecessary clutter? This is the question I was asking myself for quite some time. And then the invitation to try out Gaia Naturelle Kolagen Shot came. And I said to myself, why not try it. A decision that changed me.



Super concentrated, anti-aging food suplement with collagen, hialuronic acid, MSM and vitamins for complete skin care from within, for a youthfull look, for healthy hair and strong nails.



  • It contains fish collagen, the purest and safest form of collagen.
  • It’s in liquid form and because fo that it has up to 10 times better absorption then those in powder form or pills.
  • It’s Slovenian – made in a Slovenian company.


  1. Collagen is the most represented protein in human body. It affects a lot of things, for example skin firmness and elasticity, flexibility of muscles,…
  2. When you reach your twenties, the process of collagen production starts to slow down in your body.
  3. Decreasing of collagen leads to wrinkles.
  4. Collagen can be formed only with sufficient amount of C vitamin.


(When this post was published I’ve been drinking Kolagen Shot for a little over a month)



You know the feeling when you have to trim your toenails every few days? Well, I do know. Because all they are doing is grow, grow, grow. On my hands and on my nails. Unfortunatelly Kolagen Shot doesn’t know I don’t need my toe nails long and they don’t need to be affected 😉 I am a forgetfull creature and I forgot to measure my nail growth before I started taking Kolagen shot, but I did manage to find this information about it: On average nails grow 0,1mm per day. Which means normally they grow approximatelly somewhere between 3 and 4mm per month. Well, right now my nails grow between 4 and 5mm per weak. Mhhhhm, that’s right! I’m happy. Even if I have to file them down and shape them every week.


When your hairdresses says your hair are prettier and stronger, you know there’s something to it. The first thing I noticed was the hair loss decreased. Imagine my joy when I saw only 20 hairs in the drain instead of 200 after the shower. INSANE! But then, my hair started to look like I have a nest on my head. How, what’s going on? Well, a lot of little, new bbay hair started to grow and they were sticking in every direction. And finally it looks like I have at least some hair o my head. My hair were very poor because of my thyroid – fragile, they were breaking, split ends, falling out, thin,… everything you can imagine. Kolagen Shot is the first food suplement where the effect actually showed on my head and I couldn’t be happier.


The change here showed the latest and it is the smallest, probably because I don’t have a lot of wrinkles. I do have a small one on my forehead, which does feel a little less deep. I haven’t noticed any new wrinkles, but they weren’t forming before the start also. But I did notice my skin is a lot less dry.



Absolutelly. To everyone. The only downside I find is the taste. Unfortunatelly it has a really sweet taste. I found to solution to this “problem” quickly – a cup of tea in one hand, Kolagen Shot in the other and the taste is gone. Drinking it is simple, it comes with a measure in which you pour the collagen and just wash it after use. I keep it in the box that it came in, on the kithcen counter so I don’t forget to take it.


Have you tried collagen(either this one or some other)? Are you as impressed as I am?

Xoxo, A.

**this post includes PR product provided for honest review**
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