Give the gift of love this Christmas: Offer a massage.


Since Christmas is just around the corner, it’s time for me to show you my ideas for Christmas gifts. For the last few years I am choosing gifts that have a little something of me in them. At least a part of the gift is my work and this year it won’t be any different. The biggest problem is always to find the right gift for the one who means the most to me  – my boyfriend. And this year he’ll get a massage.


Why massage?

°It’s not expensive, it’s not difficult and I don’t need a bunch of props.
°It can be an intro into a wonderful, relaxed evening.
°It increases the trust between partners.
°I spoil my boy with massage.
°It’s a great relaxation for both of us.

First, I went to look for some online tutorials for the perfect massage at home (uncle google knows it all and uncle youtube shows it all), but I wanted to find something for the massage to also smell good. And what I found is perfect –

Natural massage soap almond and ginger La Saponaria.


Massage butter is packaged in a cute little box, all I need is a red bow, a coupon and the gift is ready to be put under the Christmas tree.

herbas-la-saponaria-natural-massage-soap-christmas-gift-ideaI find this butter ideal, because:

  • it is hard, so there will be no mess like it can happen with massage oil.
  • it is organic, natural and vegan.
  • it smells amazing. Fresh, a bit spicy and for me even a bit citrus-y. The scent is not sweet and it is suitable for both, females and males.
  • it is easy to use. When it comes in contact with skin, it melts and easily glides on skin.
  • it also has nourturing properties, since it contains shea butter, caco butter and sweet almod oil.

I will also put an envelope with a gift coupon for massage. Because it’s cute and so he’ll know what I’m giving to him.


What will you give your loved one? I am happy to listen to your suggestions.

P.S.: There’ll be a post about what my female family members will get soon 😉

Xoxo, A.
**this post includes PR product provided for honest review**

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