Perfect fall lips with Essence.


Since it has gotten colder, there are colder and neutral colours prevailing in my make up rutine. Luckily I quickly discovered the perfect combination for my lips. It doesn’t take a lot of time and I need only three items: two different lipsticks and a lip brush.


I found two lipsticks that just scream: “Fall is here!”. I am talking about liquid lispticks from COAST’n’CHILL limited edition from EssenceVelvet matt liquid lipstick. There are exactly two liquid lipsticks in this limited edition – 01 Smooth & Move, 02 Smooth & Groove. And both are a perfect win! Completely matte liquid lipsticks with an easy application, with a soft applicator, which is a bit big but still manageable and the best of all, with an amazing staying power. Once they dry on the lips, which can last a few minutes, they stay there. How do both lipsticks feel on the lips? As long as they dry a bit sticky, but once dry I barelly even notice there’s anything on my lips.


01 Smooth & Move is a soft nude with a peach-y undertone, but it looks more brownish nude on me.


02 Smooth & Groove is a darker
mauve with a grey undertone,
a lovely darker plum on me.

From the moment I got them, they’ve both been a part of my make up routine, sometimes just one but I like them best together. What am I talking about? About ombre lips, of course. I adore this combination and I’ve gotten a bunch of complinets on it.


Zagotovo priporočam nakup obeh, saj sta odtenka kot nalašč za ta letni čas, kvaliteta je super, cena pa nizka!


What lipstick do you use this fall? I am happy to hear your suggestions 😉


Xoxo, A.

**this post includes PR product provided for honest review**

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