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5 Women that inspire me


My mom

The first woman I think of when asked what inspires me is, of course, my mother. The woman that raised me, the woman that though me...

6 steps for pretty and healthy lips


Winter is here and it’s cold. Because the skin on our lips is thinner  it is more sensitive and our lips have smaller protection then our body....

Instagram and banned hashtags


My last two instagram pictures weren’t showing in the hashtags I’ve put under them. Of course I had no idea what is going on, so I’ve been researching. And...

5 things I’ve learned in the past month

It’s been a month since you are gone. I am still not used to it. I know it’ll never be the way it was. You see, I’ve been working a lot on myself...

Wonderful scents of my childhood

I have great memories of my childhood. It was careless time, time to be crazy and I was happy. Every once in a while I come across a scent that brings the memories...

We’d like you as a blogger to promote us

Lately it has happened a lot. A company contacts me, because they want to collaborate with me. Okay, great. We can work something out, what do you want? And so it begins…


There’s a boy that has my mother’s eyes

It’s hard for me to speak about this. But I can write about it. I’ve always tried to write out the sorrow in me. This post is for a person that was super important in my life – my mother. It’ll be two weeks soon since she...

The most wonderful time of the year.


A quick post about nails. Because I had time. Because I am very proud of them. Because they are pretty! My current nails(and they match my current earrings).

It’s time to beautify your phone.


Let’s start the week with Christmas gift ideas. Nowadays everyone has their own phone and a case for it can be a beautiful gift.
You can find a huge selection of...

Perfect fall lips with Essence.


Since it has gotten colder, there are colder and neutral colours prevailing in my make up rutine. Luckily I quickly discovered the perfect combination for my lips. It doesn’t take a...