Collaboration: Valentine’s Day mani with Katja, Nail2Express

valentine-day-nail-art-mani-anny Valentine’s Day is here once again. And with it there come Valentine’s nails, make up, … I am happy and proud that I can say this post today is a collaboration with one of my favourite bloggers – Katja from Nail2Express. Young mommy that still finds the time to do her nails. What her Valentine’s mani is? Click HERE to go to see her Valentine’s day mani.

valentine-day-nail-art-mani-anny My boyfriend and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day. And no, I am not one of those that go around telling how I don’t want anything and then I am super angry when I actually don’t get anything. But I have to admit that even if we agree each year, no gifts and no celebration, my boy remembers anyway with a small gift. So, usually he is the one without gift. (Luckily he’s not angered by it!)


I have a bunch of different Valentine’s day memories, one of the most memorable is one from when I was still in elementary school. I read somewhere that you should give gifts to the people you care about, your friends, family,… I thought it was a great idea and I’ve prepared a small gift for everyone that mattered to me. Everyone got a chocolate and a hand made card with a verse specially for him. I don’t actually remember any more the way those gifts looked like. I just remember the joy of everyone that were given them. I still like to give gift, especially hand made.


An unofficial symbol of Valentine’s day is a red rose. My least favourite rose. I find it so cliche. Of course I am still happy when I receive it, but I am even happier if the rose has a different colour or if the flower I get isn’t rose at all. On the other hand, I never say no to chocolate, another cliche Valentine’s day gift.


Here are my thoughts around Valentine’s day. I will be very happy if you’ll take your time and share your thoughts about it with me!

Xoxo, A.

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