5 Women that inspire me


My mom

The first woman I think of when asked what inspires me is, of course, my mother. The woman that raised me, the woman that though me that obsticles shouldn’t stop you. The woman that decided, despite her severe ilness, that she will live a life of quality almost as if the illness wasn’t there.

 She taught me not to stop infront of the obstacles but rather to adjust, go around it and go forward!


Kaja is my longest friend that I still hang out with. We used to spend all days (and nights) together, but now, unfortunatelly, we see each other 2-3 times a year. She is a great inspiration for me, she shows me again and again how big motherly love is (despite young age). Kaja has three kids. The oldest beauty and two little monkeys, twins. I admire the way she manages everything, gives herself to her children and does everything for them. I admire her change, from a big party girl to a mommy and I am proud to call her my friend!

She taught me that mother’s love is the greatest force in the entire world and that there’s nothing a mother wouldn’t do for her children.


Tatjana is a woman I admire every day, again and again. This lady is over 50 years old and she fights her battle for a long time now. She fights with a hard and severe illness that gives her only pay, every day. But she doesn’t give up. Nobody can stop her. She works. Around the house, paints, renovates, fixes. She is working almost 24 hours a day. Cooking, cleaning, tidying, babysitting her grandchildren, she does it all! And has my outmost admiration.

She taught me to work hard even when everything isn’t peachy and great.


My classmate that we were all inspired by how organised and eagerness. Her notebooks were always pretty, all homework completed, studying done. I know she was sometimes angry with me, because I never wrote stuff down but I rather listened and learned that way, I know her way was the right one for her. She lives in Paris now. With a great job there. She comes to Slovenia a few times a year. And I really admire her. She made a new life, away from her family, away from all of her (old) friends, started a new life.

She taught me that even at the beginning it might be hard, wherever and whomever you are with, you make your own beauty.


Nina is an acquaintance of mine. I don’t know her so well. But I do know her story. One day, when she was younger, she decided she wants to travel around the world. With a backpack, hitchhiking. And she did it, travel the world. She saw and experience a lot. She was also robben a few times and she was also raped. When you asked her how was it and how she made it trough, she simply said: “I tried to enjoy myself.”. Because she has decided she won’t let the negative experience ruin the good ones.

She taught me that in life positive aspects are important and you need to put negative in the past and get over them.

You probably noticed there are only “ordinary” women on my list. I like to look up to and find my inspiration in people around me and those I know. And I will be super glad if you’ll let me know who and why inspires you!

Xoxo, A.

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