Beetle nails with Catrice Irregular Galaxies nail polish

The newest addition to my nail polish collection has already convinced me in the bottle, but when applied it totally swooped me away. Catrice just knows how to do it. The new line of nail polishes with special effects is called Spectra light and it consists of 5 nail polishes and all made it to my wishlist. The first one I actually bought is 03 Irregular Galaxies.


A wonderful nail polish that reminds me of those gorgeous beetles that I used to gather with my friend when I was little. But the name got me thinking – indeed it would be perfect for galaxy manicure. So, I might have found my next manicure project 😉



Fully opaque in two layers. Application is amazing! These kind of nail polishes usually have brush strokes that bother me a lot, but here those aren’t visible. The brush is one the wide side, which is ideal for me. With few strokes the entire nail is painted and it levels out on its own. It dries fast, I had all of my nails painted in around half an hour – base coat, two coats of Irregular Galaxies and top coat.



Fairytale! I love the colour change here. The base is darker blue, almost black. Depending on the angle and lightning I also saw the following colours: teal and purple, and a few times even green and pink. This is a nail polish that definitively isn’t boring.


I have lots of love for companies that don’t do just normal and ordinary colours. And Catrice is certanly one of them. They have surprised with unique and extraordinary colours in the past and once again they hit it spot on. A gorgeous multichrome nail polish taht each nail-a-holic needs in her collection.


Are you a nail-a-holic or you aren’t moved by nail polishes? How do you like this beauty – would you wear it? Let me know in the comments! 

Xoxo, A.


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