Mollon Pro UV Protection top coat


If we were talking about matte nails in the past it is time to change the subject and finish. This means it is time for shine on my nails! Shine only a good top coat can give. Today I am putting on a test:


Mollon Pro UV Protection top coat

Mollon Pro UV Protection top coat is a top coat that looks slightly purple in the bottle, which worried me a bit. Why? Because I like to also wear bright and white nail polishes and it wouldn't be okay if the purple would translate on the nail. But don't worry, it ISN'T visible after it dries.

Mollon Pro UV Protection top coat

UV Top coat has UV filters, that give your manicure a bigger shine and longer staying power. BUT that is not all! Do you like to party? If the answer is yes, this top coat hides another feature for you - it shines under flourescent lights. Ah, Mollon Pro, where were you 10 years ago when I was partying? 😉
It also contains Vitamin E, which takes care for the health of your nails.

Mollon Pro UV Protection top coat

You can use it on its own, without a colour nail polish underneath. This is great if you want to protect your nails or only give them a little shine.
You can use it as a top coat, over a colour nail polish. This way you protect your manicure and give it longer staying power. Be careful, the colour coats underneath has to be completely dry!
You can also use it over monophase nail polishes. They don't need a top coat, but you can give them the fluorescent effect.
The choice is yours!
Mollon Pro UV Protection top coat is easy to apply and it doesn't destroy the manicure underneath. It dries for a normal length of time and it isn't a fast drying top coat!

Mollon Pro UV Protection top coat

Mollon PRO UV Protection top coat has earned its place in my collection, because it shines under fluorescent lights and because it has a special smells, which is totally different than normal nail polish smell. It actually smells good to me! You can find more about this uv top coat HERE.

Xoxo, A.

P.S.: All about my nail polish obsession (and other top coats I've tried) HERE.

**This post was written in collaboration with Mollon Pro Slovenia**

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