CatricexDisney Minnie&Daisy LE Minnie's signature eyeshadow palette

When Catrice works with someone, they have a style! And the latest cooperation is iconic: CatricexDisney Minnnie&Daisy limited edition. Collection that consists only of nail polishes and two eyeshadow palettes. The first thing that caught my eye was an eyeshadow palette Minnie's signature. Did it also impress me in real life too?



If you're a fan of pop culture icons, there's no getting around these two cult figures and probably the most famous animated BFFs of all time: Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. Whether on fashion items or accessories, the two cheerful Disney characters have been a modern classic for a long time. Now they have also inspired CATRICE to create a collection: From mid-March to mid-April, the CATRICE Limited Edition Minnie & Daisy is available with a total of six trendy mini nail polishes, two highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes and an eye brush set – all in the design of the famous Disney duo.

MINNIE'S SIGNATURE eyeshadow palette

The two Eyeshadow Palettes in the Limited Edition Minnie & Daisy each offer nine colour-coordinated eyeshadows, which can be used to create gentle eye make-up styles or expressive Smokey Eyes. The colours of the Minnie Palette are characterised by warm nude and red tones, while the shades of the Daisy Palette mainly contain pink and purple hues. Not only the intense colours of the powder eyeshadows, but also the high-quality packaging is a real eye-catcher: equipped with a mirror, it is perfectly suitable for applying or touching up your eye make-up on the go.


Minnie's Signature eyeshadow palette has nine eyeshadows, from soft, nude and all the way to intensive, red shades. Why did I choose this eyeshadow? I love the colours, there are also some gorgeous earthly tones in there and I've always prefered Minnie over Daisy. 😉


The eyeshadow palette is rather small in a pink cardboard box with a super pretty Minnie illustration. It closed with a magnet and there is also a mirror hidden inside, which is also decorated with a pretty Minnie bow. The eyeshadows are protected with seethrough film and each eyeshadow has a name written under it.

Eyeshadows - colours

As said before, there are nine different eyeshadows here, each named after one Minnie feature. What can I say, a truly cute idea and wonderfully made!
ICONIC - gorgeous shimmer brown, that looks amazing as a highlighter.
WITTY - matte soft brown, pigmentation isn't so great, but it can be build up.
LEGENDARY - matte reddish-brown with satisfying pigmentation.
FEISTY - darker brown with grey undertone and matte finish.
DARLING - matte dirty white, unfortunately with bad pigmentation.
WARMHEARTED - light matte brown with a red undertone.
HEARTY - shimmer brown, that leaves only shimmer and isn't very visible.
LOVING - the star of the palette. Shimmer red-brown and greatly pigmented.
CHEERFUL - shiny champagne colour, nicely pigmented for a light colour.


Application is fairly easy, but the colours are on the softer side and if you want more intensive look, you need to build it up. I love it for a pretty, soft daily look. There are also a few good highlighter shadows in it. Matte shadows are a bit worse pigmented, but Minnie's signature eyeshadow palette is good and it is certainly useful.

Staying power

Eyeshadows stay surprisingly well and stayed on my eyes throughout the whole day. I did notice a bit of creasing, but really, it was barely visible. We are talking about the whole day, I applied it at 7 in the morning and took a look at around 9 in the evening. They do fade a bit, but I am happy with their staying power.

Final score

Catrice x Disney Minnie Daisy limited edition si a super limited edition collection, the products are so cute but still useful! Minnie's signature is a great eyeshadow palette, awesome for daily use, since it contains shimmer and matte eyeshadows. I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in more soft, earthly looks.

Which product interests you from this collection? Did this eyeshadow palette caught your eye? I still have a nail polish or two from this limited edition on my wishlist!

Xoxo, A.

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**this post includes PR products provided for honest review**

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