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Catrice 24h brush liner eyeliner


It’s that time of year again when they switch products at Catrice. Well, not all, but some go, new ones come and I always follow the news with interest. This time...

Favourite of 2019: Make up

The last time I wrote about nail polishes and today it is time for me to show you favourite of 2019 in make up. I know all of us girls love make up and even if I haven’t used a lot of it during the summer months, I...

Fall nail art

Leaves are falling from the trees and fall is here. And fall calls for a special kind of fall nail art. Darker colours, shifting patterns and some stamping....

Beetle nails with Catrice Irregular Galaxies nail polish

The newest addition to my nail polish collection has already convinced me in the bottle, but when applied it totally swooped me away. Catrice just knows how to do it. The new line of nail polishes with special effects is called Spectra light...