It’s your time to shine! ~with Catrice Dazzle Bomb

Here comes the longest night of the year. The night where everything sparkles. And when you find the perfect accessorie to that one right dress, you’ve picked months ago, everythings is in its place and you just know you’ll look perfect. And Catrice Cosmic Body Sparkle Fluid, glitters in a liquid from Dazzle Bomb limited edition will take care that your hands, cleavage, shoulders, back,… whatever part of your body you’d like, will shine just right.


As the name itself tells you, this is a liquid packed with really small glitters, that give the skin soft, subtle shine that pops out when the light is right. But this is not all. It also as an incredible scent, it smells just wonderful! It reminds me of baby powder, not too strong and it doesn’t cause me a headache. It stays on the skin roughly the same amout of time as the glitters, a few hours. With time it becomes less and less noticeable.

catrice-dazzle-bomb-le-cosmic-body-sparkle-fluidThe packaging was just made to be put on a shelf, where everyone can see it. Luxury, made of glass and massive. Extremelly beautiful! A bit heavy and I wouldn’t actually take it with me in the big. Not that I’m afraid it’ll break, it looks rather sturdy (yes, I’ve already accidentally droped it and nothing happened), but because it is a bit big to carry around for my taste.


For application there is a dropper, that is really precise and I can apply even one little drop if I want. There can be a problem with its rather liquidy texture that looks wet when applied. With time it dries and you are left with only shimmer, but if you are impatient you might be dissapointed with the way it looks at first. (But don’t worry, if you wait a little bit, it’ll look super pretty!)


The only big downside I actually notice is the fact that shimmer is transferable and don’t stick to the skin. So who’ll be shining? You, your darling, clothes, jacket, phone and everything you touch – not that I speak from experience, khm ;). There’s still enought glitters where they should be, staying power is actualy pretty good, for sure they’ll stay at least a couple of hours – when I first tried them on the back of my hand, they stayed there a bit less then 8hours and I wash my hands, put cream on them,…


Will you be shining too? Or would you use the glitters for another event?

Xoxo, A.
**this post includes PR product provided for honest review**

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