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Pampering with Oriflame Swedish SPA


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  When you have enough of everything, when you are tired and you are not in the modd and when you need time for yourself, the best ‘therapy’ is the one in the bathroom. When you tell everyone you won’t be here for an hour, you pour yourself a hot bath and… …

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Lush: The Birth of Venus face mask


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI Whenever my skin has some issues or I simply want to pamper myself, I use a face mask. Lately I mostly use just one, the one that impressed me with multiple properties. I also like it is somewhat special. Why? It si a JELLY face mask, as face mask I haven’t …

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Oriflame The one 5-in-1 Wonderlash XXL mascara

PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI Oriflame added to their range of mascaras a new queen of long lashes and since I am totally impressed with their mascaras (read all about my favourite one HERE), I had to try this one also! Did it impress me or not?   Oriflame’s The ONE invites you to take your …

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Nivea Moisture Mousse SPF 50


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  Summer is here. And you know who walks in hands with summer? Sunshine. I adore sun, summer has always been my favourite season. When I can show my face to the sun that gently caresses my cheeks and keeps my warm. But every year, I am more and more aware how …

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My favourite mascara: Oriflame ColourBox Fat Lash


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  At the moment I have at home at least 10 mascaras, mostly unused, waiting to be tried. I’ve already tried a bunch of them. I am extremely demanding when it comes to my lashes and mascara, since most of the time it is the only eye make up I wear. I …

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It’s your time to shine! ~with Catrice Dazzle Bomb


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  Here comes the longest night of the year. The night where everything sparkles. And when you find the perfect accessorie to that one right dress, you’ve picked months ago, everythings is in its place and you just know you’ll look perfect. And Catrice Cosmic Body Sparkle Fluid, glitters in a liquid …