Oriflame The one 5-in-1 Wonderlash XXL mascara


Oriflame added to their range of mascaras a new queen of long lashes and since I am totally impressed with their mascaras (read all about my favourite one HERE), I had to try this one also! Did it impress me or not?



Oriflame’s The ONE invites you to take your favourite 5-in-1 lash look to an all new level with The ONE Wonder Lash XXL Mascara. Discover the power of Oriflame’s exclusive Wonder Brush with patented Dual Core Technology. It empowers the Wonder Lash formula with an explosive boost of multi-benefit impact and exceptional volume.
The brush’s firm inner core and soft outer core bristles work together to drench your lashes in the coconut oil infused Pro Lash Formulation, delivering 49%° more volume and pushing lashes upwards for exceptional curl* and length*.
Discover what it feels like to embrace the ultimate, lash by lash, and unleash the extraordinary in you.

° Clinically Tested

* Consumer Tested



The brush is hard and a bit curved. It is to work with and it captures all of the lashes and colours them. It doesn’t hurt, it’s not that hard. The bristles are evenly spread and I am very happy with it. This is one of the few mascaras that rarelly gives me smudges around the eyes.



My lashes are nicely defined and longer. It is a truly black mascara and it is great for everyday for everyone that want defined, but not too noticeable lashes. My favourite thing about this mascara are long, black lashes that aren’t clumped together. It also gives a dash of volume.




The feeling on the lashes is great. The staying power is okay, but it doesn’t survive any eye rubbing or similar. I also don’t think it could survive crying. But if you leave your eyes and lashes alone, it can stay the same for whole day, without black – panda eyes. The removal is an easy process, which is a big plus for me.


Why this isn’t my favourite mascara?

My number one is still Oriflame Colourbox mascara, that really settled high standards. And even if I can’t say 5-in-1 Wonderlash XXL mascara is so much worse, there are still a few little bits that make the Colourbox one better. The main factor is I have to work less with Colourbox mascara to get the desired effect. With Wonderlash I need multiple swipes. But it is by no means a bad mascara. I prefer to use this one for every day, when I don’t need in-your-face lashes.


Which one is your favourite mascara? Do you know Oriflame mascaras?

Xoxo, A.


**this post includes PR products provided for honest review**

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