Favourite of 2019: Make up

The last time I wrote about nail polishes and today it is time for me to show you favourite of 2019 in make up. I know all of us girls love make up and even if I haven’t used a lot of it during the summer months, I do love them too. That is why today I am going to show you which products made an impact in 2019. As with nail polishes, in make up I’ve also focused on products I’ve purchased/received and reviewed in 2019. Oh, and if you are wondering which nail polishes impressed me last year – click HERE!

Favourite of 2019 – Make up

Lumene Nordic Chic CC cream (Spletič

A product I used around half of previous year, from April to October. It is just perfect for warmer months, but right now it is unfortunatelly a bit dark for my pale face. It looks amazing on skin and it trully makes it look wonderful. My skin also didn’t have any problem with this CC cream and when I get tan again, I will use it for sure. More about it HERE.

Oriflame MasterCreation lipstick Red Romance

Ever girl deserves a perfect red lipstick for special occasions. Oriflame Giordani Gold MasterCreation lipstick in shade Red romance is my special red shade. Gorgeous red in luxurious packaging. Creamy texture that works so good on lips. Elegant, gorgeous, perfect. I love to use it! More about it HERE.

Catrice EyeConista lash mascara

When I first wrote about it, I declared it to be the top mascara of summer 2019 and now I am also putting it in my ‘all-year’ favourites. Mascara that gives great lenght to lashes and a nice volume. I like its effect and I like to use it. I like everything about it – the brush, the effect, the colour. More about it HERE.

Essence This is me! 04 Crazy šminka

Essence really hit the jackpot with their collection This is me!. Matching lipstick and nail polishes really impressed me and my favourite lipstick shade of the previous year for every day comes from this collection. 04 Crazy is just nevtral enough to not be too much ‘in your face’ and still has enough colour to be my ideal shade. My lips are a bit darker and with neutral lipsticks that mimick my skin I just look sick. And this one is trully my lips but better. Perfect for every day. More about it and the whole This is me! collection HERE.

Catrice Crystallized Amethyst eyeshadow palette

The list of favourites cannot be complete without an eyeshadow palette. Catrice Crystallized Amethyst eyeshadow palette really grew on me. Okay, from all of the make up, I use eyeshadows the least, but this one really impressed me. Wonderful, interesting colours, with which you can play and create a bunch of interesting looks. My favourite of them all? Amethyst, gorgeous purple. More about the palette HERE.

Ta-da. This are my favourite make up products of 2019. Okay, we all know this isn’t everything I’ve used in 2019. But this is the list of best make up of 2019. The list of those that made an impression. They are listed randomly, I love them all! Me and make up have an interesting relationship – I don’t actually need make up, but I do love to use it. I can go around without it and don’t feel any worse. I don’t use make up to hide but to express myself. There is nothing wrong with using make up. And there is nothing wrong with not using make up! 😉

And your favourites of 2019? Have you tried any of above products? Did you like it or it didn’t impress you? Looking forward to hear your thoughts!

Xoxo, A.

**this post includes PR products provided for honest review**

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