Favourite of 2019: Skin care and hair care

Last but not least from favourite of 2019, skin care and hair care. The last products as far as favurite of 2019 is concerned. It is actually really interesting to take a look at the past this way. As before, I've focused on products I've reviewed here on the blog in 2019. Sooo, let's take a look at which were the best skin care products 2019 and which were the best hair care products in the past year!

Best skin care products 2019 / Best hair products of 2019

Skin care is the most important thing! 100 make up products cannot hide bad skin care. That is why I've given the biggest emphasis on this part of my beauty routine. And I can honestly say my skin really got a lot better. Of course, a bunch of products was needed, but not all of them are included here.
As for the hair... I've used only one product that made such a difference on my hair, that deserves to be mentioned in the favourites. So, let's take a look at all of them together!

Glina.si Grey clay face mask (glina.si)

A product that keeps me company for quite some time now. I love to use it, but I rarely use it as a whole face mask. I prefer to use it only on the trouble areas - in the evening I apply it to any pimple that is there. And more or less they disappear until morning. As a face mask it is awesome too! But I don't use it that much, because it is too much work for me, haha #LazyA$$ 😉 More about it and the way I use it HERE.

Oriflame Love Nature skin care line

These are the skin care products that were with me practically trough the whole year. Since Thailand, they were by my side and I used them all the time. Now, when it is colder, the face cream is a bit too little for me, but during the summer it worked perfectly! I still use the eye cream, I've already used up the face washing gel and I still totally love the purifying face oil. I use it anytime my skin is problematic, I use it. Sometimes I mix it with the clay face mask (yep, the one above) and then I just pamper myself. More about all of the products and the skin care with them HERE.

Herbio Almond bath

You probably already know that I just love hot baths. And it is even better if the whole bathroom smells nice too. Herbio Almond Bath is my favourite because it smells so good and it makes the whole experience of me time amazing! Ever since I've got it, I used it every time I make myself a bath. And it is also great to my skin. Herbal, natural, slovene product, what more could a person want! More about it HERE.

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Rose &Joghurt hair mask (Lepotna polička)

Last but not least. Wonderful, one of a kind, my favourite hair mask Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Rose&Joghurt hair mask. Every time I use it, my hair feels so smooth and it looks super shiny. Okay, I don't use it with every hair wash, obviously, I use it when I think my hair is starting to lose its shine. I usually use it before washing my hair, just a habit of mine 😉 I've been using it for a long, long time - it even made it to favourite list last year (CLICK), but I've only reviewed in 2019. I think I'll stick to it! More about it HERE.

Here they are, my favourite products of 2019, skin care and hair care concerned. They are, of course, listed in a random order, since I love each and every one of them and I love to use them!

Xoxo, A.

**this post includes PR products provided for honest review**

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