Frezyderm – a miracle or a hoax?


If you have read any opinion about Frezyderm in the last few months you could figure out (like I did) that they divide into two oposite poles: one adore it and can’t live without Frezyderm and the others are just critisizing it.
What is the truth?frezyderm-velvet-technology-sunscreen

I tested two products from Velvet, secon skin line – sunscreen for face and coloured sunscreen for face. I’ve tested both troughout the summer – and I actually used both products up! The time has finally come for me to tell you what I think about them. If you are following me for a while, you already know my skin is a total chaos and if something doesn’t suit me, it is immediatelly visible on my skin. That is why I start each testing with care (and joy, of course). Let me introduce you to both products.



A product that blew me away – but not in a sunscreen kind of way, but as a coloured cream kind of way. It make my complexion look very good and it is a great foundation. The amount I applied also greatly adopted to my skin tone, but I am not really sure what would happen if you’d apply the amount necessary to achieve the written protection, but I think it would be too much. (If you haven’t known by now, to achieve the written SPF you should apply two fingers of cream on your face) This is absolutely a product I was happy to use and it will stay in great memory. I also took it on my travels with me and I wasn’t dissapointed – but mostly I used it with a sunscreen. I give a big plus to 50+ SPF.



Let me tell you from the start, this thing is a silicon bomb. It creates a layer on your face and it could bother someone. I find it okay, I don’t feel it on my face and it didn’t to anything bad for my skin – a plus from me. The only thing that bothered me a little was the fact that sometimes when I was sweating it came to my eyes and it burned. But it is great under make up. Here also could be a problem apllying it enough, but it isn’t white so it doesn’t leave a white trace. It’s see trough and gel-like.


My favourite way of using them is together. They complement each other and give your skin such a great look – the sunscreen as a base and color sunscreen as foundation. This combination was with me the whole summer and my skin didn’t just look good, I also never had any problems with sun burning me. (But I did use another sunscreen when on the beach or bathing – Nivea, review HERE.) My skin also liked this combination and never once did I have any outbreakes or patches of dry skin.


Am I happy with the products? YES!
Would I use them again next year? YES!
Do I recommend them? MAYBE – If you know the fact that maybe you won’t get the SPF written on the packaging and that you look for other sunscreens when really exposed to the sun. But if you are ooking everyday products for good looking skin that would offer protection, but not weighting your skin down, then this two products are for you!

Xoxo, A.
**this post includes PR products provided for honest review**

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