Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiance Bronzing Body Lotion

Summer is slowly ending and with it sun and sun bathing are saying good bye. But that doesn't mean we should say goodbye to bronze skin too! Nivea with it's Sun-Kissed Radiance Bronzing body lotion gradual tanner is here to the rescue. There are two versions of it - one for darker and one for lighter skin, which I am currently using.


A body lotion that gives your skin gradual tanning factor but also nurturizes and moisturizes your skin. Basicly, this is a self-tanning cream with nourishing effects. Nivea promises natural skin look with deep moisturizing.



I apply it after shower, the same as normal body lotion. The only difference is, with this one I wait enough time before getting dressed, so it absorbs. I apply the same amount as usual body lotion. I also don't use body scrub every time, even if it's recommended to do so. And since it is also ment to moisturize, this is the only body skin care product I use. But I do wash my hands after use (more about this bellow).



Yes! My skin has a soft tan that looks really natural and pretty. The only problem I've had, happened when I didn't wash my hands after applying it, and I was yellow/orange around my nails. My tan was always even, I never had any spots or anything like that. Usually when I use self tanners I get this little brow dots on my cleavage, and I look dirty, but this is not the case with this one!



It is a white body lotion, that is easy to spread on the skin, the cream is a bit watery in consistency but it is not to runny. I like that I can get out of the packaging just the amount I want and this way I can control how much of the product I need for each part of the body. The smell is nice and in the beginning, when applied smell like a normal body lotion. But even later it doesn't smell bad ( at least on me), but it has a nice, somewhat different smell, that stays on surprisingly long. The fact that my boyfriend hasn't commented on the smell so far, says a lot.


Do you use self tanning products? Have you tried this one already? I am keen to hear what you think!

Xoxo, A.

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