Oriflame Invigorating coconut water & Melon set

Do you know how smells the summer? I know! The smell of summer was brought to me by Oriflame with their new addition to Love Nature line – a line that is environmentally friendly (GOOD JOB, Oriflame!). The smells of Love Nature line are all just so wonderful and this new one is no different. Fresh, summer-y, nice.


The smell of coconut and melon is a smell that instantly takes me somewhere under a palm tree, where I’m drinking a coctail out of a fresh coconut. Mmmmm, yes, please! The smell lingers on the skin, but it is not too intensive and I smell just the right amount. But the bathroom smells so good after showering and this way I go into a tropical smelling pampering every evening, and I spoil not only my skin but also my nose.
As with most Love Nature scents, this one also has three products, soap, shower gel and body lotion. I already use the shower gel and body lotion, but I don’t want to open the soap, since I already have a few opened and I want to use those first.oriflame-love-nature-coconut-water-melonI like the density of the shower gel, it is liquid but still gel-like. It’s gentle to skin and the feeling when and fter showering is really nice. It doesn’t dry out the skin and normally I could live withouth body lotion.
But I like to pamper myself 😉 Body lotion is white and it just intensifies the scented pampering. It absorbs quickly and it moisturizes the skin. It is a bit more liquid, but it can be easily applied.
This year I have some siriously dry skin, especially on my legs. The combination of this shower gel and body lotion has so far prove to be efficient. I do still occasionally use body oil, mostly after shaving, I have to say I am pleased with the progress so far.oriflame-love-nature-coconut-water-melon
How do you like to smell in the summer? Do you have dry skin too?
Xoxo, A.
**this post includes PR products provided for honest review**



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