Introduction: IDUN MINERALS

Recently I got to know a Slovenian web site that sells make up called IDUN MINERALS. I still remember the hype about mineral make up a few year ago, when we all were looking for a mineral foundation and mineral eyeshadow, but now they aren't as popular any more, which is a shame, since majority of the products are of high quality.

Author: Patricia Gucci

Idun Minerals is a Swedish brand that thrives to create high quality products that are also suitable for sensitive skin.  They make their products together with swedish dermatalogostis and scientists.With what did they gain my attention?



Lately the packaging of the products gained its importance with me. Idun Minerals pack their products in a cardboard boxes. I also love the fact that they let a true artist create the drawings on the packaging - they were all made by Patrizia Gucci, an italian artist.



Idun is a nordic mithology goddess of youth and a keeper of golden apples that she gave to other gods for preserving their iternal youth. Now she's giving this golden apples in a form of make up (and skin care products) to all of us. So we can all feel like goddesses.



Lip Gloss: Anna

I haven't used a lip gloss in a while but I was really drawn to this one and its colour. I'd love to try it and maybe I'll be suprised and I'll also like the texture.

Nail Polishes

There are only two shades on the photo but if you know me a little you already know I want to try them ALL. I chose the two shades because I want spring shades on my nails right now

Mascara: Magna

A mascara that got a beauty award on Sweden (Swedish beauty awards). And since a mascara is one of my most important parts of my make up, I have to try this one.

Eyeshadow Palette: Lejongap

A name I cannot even pronounce. But this erthy shades are simply just calling me. I don't remember the alst time I used any other shades on my eyes and this palette has every shade I actually need. They do have a bunch of other earthy-shaded palettes and each one is super pretty!


Here we go again. I can never have enough lipsticks and the ones from Idun Minerals are gorgeous! They have two lines, cream (golden packaging) and matte (silver packaging). I want to try both, since I've recently discovered the beauty of shiny products on my lips.



I am always on the look out for the perfect foundation. I am quite pale and I do need some good coverage but I don't want to feel this coverage. So each new brand I came across, the first thing I check are their foundation and this one immediatelly caugth my eye.


A lot of times I use only a concealer to hide my imperfections. And I am almost out of my old one, so I actually really need a new one.

Blush Brush

Me and brushes. I usually always use just two when applying make up - a blush brush and an eyebrow brush. And since I am super happy with my brow brush and I wouldn't change it, I am happy to try any new blush brush that comes across my path.

Blush: Smultron

I tend to use pinkish shades on my cheecks. And this one looks amazing. And the packaging with mirror would come in handy

Make Up Sponge

Another product that immediatelly caught my eye. I don't have a black make up sponge 😉

Bronzer: Midnattssol

Spring is here and summer is looking around the corner. There's nothing better then giving your cheeks and face that summer glow with a few swipes of the brush.

Which product interests you the most? You can find them on Idun Minerals web site.

 Xoxo, A.


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