Can you still trust a blogger?


Lately there’s been a bunch of talk about one thing –

‘Can you still trust bloggers/vloggers/influencers’?’.

In a way I view myself as one of them (even if I don’t post regularly), so I think it is only right, I write a blog post about this topic, about my truthfulness, my review and my work in general.


When I started blogging I was already head over heels for cosmetics. That also meant my collection was quite huge to begin with. I started blogging so I was able to express my love, I wanted to connect with girls with similar passion as mine and I kinda hoped here and there my posts would help anyone. I know, beauty posts are rare lately and I don’t spend as much time here as I used to. But my heart still rejoices anytime anyone visits my blog. I know, blogs aren’t as popular anymore – Hello, youtube! – but I still enjoy writing it and I only hope some readers will still find their way here.


In all of my time writing and creating, there’s been a bunch of beauty brands that spotted me, a ton of products found their way to me and, yes, there have also been paid posts. But you know what?

I have enough stuff at home to open a private drugstore. And my opinion isn’t for sale. I don’t give a… if a company never sends me anything again, I won’t lie and tell something is great, if I know it isn’t.

I have financial stability, a great job I am happy with. There’s no money in this world that could buy my opinion and credibility.


I won’t lie to you – yes, I do try and find the positive aspects of any product I try. But I don’t make them up. Okay, a fact, I usually write about products that really blew me away and I actually find it worth giving my time to write a post too. This is the reason I’m mostly super excited in my posts and majority of my words are praise. Because I simply don’t have time for not-so-good products. I test them, but if they don’t impress me, they stay somewhere in the back of my shelf. And they never come to the blog.


I do try and be honest with you. Beneath any blog post you can find a statement where it’s written if the product was given to me or if the post was payed (in that case it says, that a post was written in collaboration with…). I don’t mark gifts on instagram or facebook (but I can start if it’s relevant to you – would #bloggergift would be okay hashtag for you?), but you can find an #ad mark when the  post is paid.


What do I think about those that sell their opinion or even post negative reviews of competition products in exchange for money?

Honestly, I couldn’t care less! I don’t see a reason why I should look at others and what do they do. Let to each their own. But I do feel pain when I hear or read, that we, all bloggers, are the same, that we are all sold out. Usually the main reason is, that I liked soething you didn’t. Or because I write about a product everyone does. But it is really so bad to express my enthusiasm in the moment I feel it? Should I wait for dust to settle and then write about it? Or should I just be quiet, since if we all like it, we are all sold out. I can tell you in a heart beat at least 10 amazing Slovenian bloggers that don’t make money with their blog, but they do deserve to be paid for what they do! That post amazing content, great reviews, are dedicated to their blog with all their heart and are my idols.


I am not bothered by obvious ads, reviews one day after receiving products, totally photoshoped pictures and all that. It’s not my problem, if I don’t like it, I don’t follow the person and I simply move on. That should we all do. You don’t need to follow that ‘popular’ blogger and at the same time talk bad about her, how she sold herself out for money and how bad she is. Find someone you like. She doesn’t have to popular with more 10k followers. And you never know, maybe you’ll be the one to find a new rising star.


Another thing, usually the ‘little fishes’ are usually a lot more friendly and sincerely happy each and every new follower, like and comment. Show your support! If you like something, show it, it means a lot!

For all you that got this far, THANK YOU! I’m dying to know your opinion too. If you find it overcomplicated here, you can also leave a comment on my Facebook or Instagram (or simply shoot me a direct message), or you can also send me an email 😉

Xoxo, A.
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