Real women have curves. Or do they?


Let’s first make something clear – yes, I am skinny and no, I don’t how it’s like to have a kg too much. This post ISN’T here for making people feel bad about their weigth/look, but it is here to draw attention to something that’s happening all around us but most people don’t take notice.

Today I am going to talk about one a bit sensitive topic – body shaming. A lot people actually don’t realize that it can go in two ways and that also skinny people can be body shamed too. What am I talking about? Keep on reading!


People think that just because someone is skinny, they can tell them everything. Here are some examples that do hurt us and leave an imprit in our comfidence.
Oh, my, you are soooo skinny!
Do you even eat anything?
Go on and eat a sandwich.
Wow, you are only skin and bones!
Don’t they feed you at home?
Of course, a majority of these are said in a humourous mannes and I know noone even realizes that this is a form of body shaming too. not to mention those that think touching me is okay to figure out how skinny I actually am and how many ribs can they count. Is that okay to you?

I really don’t care how much anyone weights, which size do they wear and how curvy are they. But I am bothered by companies using the phrase “Real women have curves.” to make campaines and even money. What kind of slogan is that? Does that mean that I, without curves am not a “REAL WOMAN”? Am I less worthy for having a smaller clothing size? I don’t think so! And you?


Dear companies, let’s stop dividing women by weight! Real women have curves or they don’t. Each and every one of us is a real women and it is only right we all feel good in our skin, no matter if your clothing size iz XS or XXL. Confidence is what counts! I will respect and try to buy as much as I can from the brand that’ll make a campain: “WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!” and where women of all sizes, heights and age will collaborate. I do appreciate a step toward normal people and away from all model campaings!


And in the end, my message to all my “”sisters-by-weight”:

It is nothing wrong in being skinny! Love your body and if you cannot put on weight, this is the way it’s supposed to be. You are pretty just the way you are and you can be attractive, confident and sexy too! Love yourself and don’t let others dictate

 Xoxo, A.
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