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We all know nowadays buying online is no big deal, also when buying cosmetics and make up. But there are still certain things you should be on the lookout for, when buying online, since there is a ton of online stores. I discover a new one practically every day. To make buying cosmetics and make up online easier and safer, I’ve collected a few advices for you that I always stick to, when buying online.



This is number one rule and it is super importat! Don’t buy fake make up and skin care! If you aren’t sure that the seller sells genuine items, if the price is “too-good-to-be-true”, if the products should only be available at exclusive stores, think about it! No lipstick, mascara or cream isn’t worth damaged skin. Yes, I know, fakes can look exactly like the real deal, the colour maches, the packaging is the same. But, can you honestly say that ingredients match? There is a bunch of horror stories online about problems that were caused by using fake cosmetics. I don’t think it’s worth it!


When you are buying cosmetics online, research the product thoroughly. Find the INCI list of ingredients, read blog reviews, check your in Facebook groups and forums and take a look at more then one picture that show the colour and texture of the product, read the discription of the product and all the opinions. Why? Each screen has its own settings and my green is not necessarly the same as your green. You also cannot see the way a product smells and it isn’t really good if you receive a product and you find out it smell totally like coconut and you just can’t stand the coconut smell. Money trough the window 😉 Of course there is still risk that the product won’t work for you but this way it is down to a minimum.


Before purchase it’s good to get to know the terms and conditions the store has. What’s the shipping fee? Are there any other benefits? How are the returns procesed? What if the package comes damaged? The most important thing to check before purchase are the informations about the company, together with a contact that you can reach them at in case of troubles. If web page doesn’t have all the info’s about the company it’s not necessarily a bad page, but I am certanly more careful with purchase in that case.



You have probably noticed there are so many stores that offer the same products and even worse, when different companies offer very similar products under different brand. So it is always wise to check prices in different stores, so you can, of course, pick the best deal.

Have you got any advices for buying cosmetics online? Did I forget anything important? What are your rules when buying make up online?

Xoxo, A.
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