Something sweet (with recipe)

When you are served a dessert that is so good you almost also eat the dessert it was served in and then they casually mention it is really easy to prepare, of course you need to ask for a recipe. And since you all liked the idea of having this recipe, I will share it with you too. And lucky for us, it si strawberry season, since strawberries are the main ingredient of this dessert.

What do you need?

Strawberries  – as many as you want
Strawberry jelly

Gelatine 6x
Sweat cream 2x 125ml
Unsweatened cocoa 60g
Sugar – originaly 80g, but I recommend less

What to do?

Start with the first layer – strawberries. Cut the strawberries and make strawberry jelly as instructed on the packaging. Put the jelly in cups and stir in the strawberries. Put it in the refrigerator for a few hours so it cools down and hardens.

When strawberry layer is fully cooled, proceed to chocolate layer. Heat up the cream and stir in the gelatine. Add sugar and cocoa and stir well. When everything is combined, pour this over the strawberry layer. Cool this too, decorate as you wish, and ta da, dessert is ready!

Delicious desert with Everwood Shop watch

My first recipe here, on the blog. I’d really appriciate your opinion and if I should post some recipes again in the future. But let me tell you in advance – I am searching for recipes that are easy to make, quick and interesting. And this dessert definitely is, do you agree?

Xoxo, A.

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