It’s time to beautify your phone.


Let’s start the week with Christmas gift ideas. Nowadays everyone has their own phone and a case for it can be a beautiful gift.
You can find a huge selection of them, and the best of all – you can make your own, personal one too!
I had the opportunity to pick four phone cases for myself and let me tell you, the decision wasn’t easy.

Time to Travel

Sardinia, the land of the prettiest beaches
I love to travel and I do it a lot. This case accompanies me everytime I go somewhere. My “time to travel”? Always when I can. My next trip? Christmas trips! This year I will go to Salzburg and I absolutelly cannot miss the festive Ljubljana. Where are you going to go? Let me know in the comments!
P.S.: Unfortunatelly this case isn’t available anymore, but you can find others with travel theme.

Eat, Sleep, Blog Repeat

Can’t blog without a cup of tea

My Blog. My favourite hoby. I know I’ve been neglecting it lately, but it is still my favourite place on the internet. I adore blogging and everything connected to it. I put this case on when I lack motivation or I’m simply deciding next topic to write about.

My favourite highlighter, blusher and bronzer are on this photo somewhere 😉 Can you find them?

I love puting on make up, but ironically I spend a lot of time without or with minimal make up. The problem is – time. But when I find the time to actually put make up on, nobody can stop me 😉 I use this case whenever I have the time for playing with my make up stash, to capture my make up routine or when I’m taking a photo of my favourite lipstick.


Morning selfie, without a hint of make up… Cuz this is me, right? 😉

A as Ajda. This phone case presents me and it is used the most. A as everything I am, even if it doesn’t start with the letter A. The story behind my name?
When my mom was pregnant with me, my parents decided that if I’m a boy, my father will pick the name and if I’m a girl, my mother will do it. Then I came along, my father just looked at me:’It’s Ajda!’. And their arragement wasn’t important anymore, since my mother also liked the name. I love my name and I use this phone case with pride (but it doesn’t hurt that it’s marble, pink and pretty).

And in the end, a few of the phone cases I still have on my wishlist:

Just look at how pretty they all are!


Xoxo, A.


**this post includes PR product provided for honest review**

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