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Travel with me: Festival svjetla Zagreb 2019


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  As in the past several years, this year Zagreb also hosts an introduction and greetings to spring,  FESTIVAL SVJETLA ZAGREB. This year I visited it too. If you want to know what it is and how I saw it, just keep on reading! FESTIVAL SVJETLA ZAGREB Are you up for a …


Travel with me: A day in Bled


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  Slovenia has quite a few gorgeous spots to go to and one of those is absolutely Bled, with its castle and the little island. Every step is a picture opportunity and this is for sure one of the must-sees at least once in a life time. Now, in winter time, it’s …


Travel with me: Vinarium, Lendava


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI Sundays are fot trips or so they say. Well, I agree with them. My latest trip was a trip to Lendava, where I visited Vinarium, the highest observation tower in Slovenia. Ans what’s even more interesting, it offers a view in four different countries. BASIC INFORMATION Hight: 53,50m Floors: 9 + …


Travel with me: Scala dei Turchi, Sicily

PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  On the south of Sicily, near Porto Empedocle, there is a fairytale hidden. A white fairytale that truly leaves you breathless. The stone masterpiece of nature that you could admire for hours. And, of course, make a gazillion photos. SCALA DEI TURCHI (Turkish steps) Driving there is the way to go. …


Travel with me: Lovrenška lakes

PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI Bye, bye summer, hello fall! Each season has its own charm, each brings its own beauty and joy, but still.. Summer is my time. I adore warm days, swimming, sun, wandering around and summer nights. But now it’s time for me to say goodbye to this years summer. And how better …


Travel with me: Two days in Sofia

PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  Sofia. A city that impressed me and took me over. The city wibe is wonderful, there are people on the street, in the parks, there are people everywhere. I’d love to go back and spend a day or two in the city, just hanging around, absorbing everything that’s happening, listen to …

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CareFree travel: Skin care with Kozmetika Moja

kozmetika-mojda-idun-minerals-supermood-skin-care-travel (2)

PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  When I travel, skin care is the last on the list of my worries. I am usually so tired in the evening all I want is to sleep and in the morning I’m already rushing to see the next beautiful location and landmark for the day. So I really don’t have …


Travel with me: Orchids, butterflies and… parrots?


PREBERI OBJAVO V SLOVENŠČINI  Saturdays are for trips. I opened the season with a show trip here in Slovenia, to Pomurje (north west of Slovenia). I wanted to see the orchid and butterfly exhibition. Where? In a gardening center Kurbus, somewhere between Radenci and Gornja Radgona. First shock? Huuugeee crowd. There were a lot of …